"We made it, Ori. The Heart of the Forest rests inside. The light of the Spirit Willow will open what has long been closed."

Voice of the Forest, at the entrance to Windtorn Ruins

Windtorn Ruins is an area in Niwen. It is the safe house for the Heart of the Forest. Its entrance is found in the northeastern part of Windswept Wastes.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Not only is Windtorn Ruins where the Gorlek kept the Heart of the Forest safe, but it is also home to five mural, one of which is broken. The four that remain intact tell the history of Niwen's Decay and how hope will return to Niwen as a Guardian Spirit to reunite the Will of the Wisps and restore the Light.

Escape Sequence[edit | edit source]

Warning! Spoilers ahead![edit | edit source]

With the wisps reunited, Seir, the Spirit Willow's light, is whole once more. Seir is talking to Ori when they are suddenly interrupted by the Sandworm. The Worm, begins to chase the duo through the ruins. At the end of the escape, Ori passes through a small gap. The Sandworm does the same, but instead gets stuck and crushed by falling rocks.

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