"We can see ghosts in the sand here, Ori. This was the home of the Gorlek before the Decay drove them underground. Is this what all Niwen will become if we cannot bring back the light?"

Voice of the Forest, upon entering Windswept Wastes

Windswept Wastes is a location found in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. It is in the east of Niwen and the original home of the Gorleks before they were driven underground by the Decay. This area connects with Silent Woods to the west and Windtorn Ruins to the north.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps[edit | edit source]

Gerora, a home of Gorlek, was covered under the sand after the decay arrived. As Grom describes it, Gerora was a wondrous city of proud stone and painted glass, colossal arches, and lofty spires. It was Lupo who named the area "Windswept Wastes".

It is here where Ori gets the ability Burrow, enabling them to burrow though sand and to burrow dash, thus letting them explore more of Windswept Wastes.

Through Windswept Wastes, Ori can access Windtorn Ruins and the Heart of the Forest.

Somewhere in the Wastes, there is a place with a shovel stuck on it. Ori will get an eerie gem if they burrow into it and will get the quest A Diamond in the Rough. The gem then can be exchanged with Twillen for the shard Secret.

After Seir is reformed and Ori escaped the Sandworm, Seir clears the sandstorm and points to their next and final objective, The Spirit Willow.

If Ori meets Lupo in the Windswept Wastes, they will tell Ori about a mapstone and the location is highlighted, but it cannot be accessed before the sandworm chase.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

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