"We must ride the winds, for they will show us the path."

Sein to Ori, after restoring the Element of Winds

The Valley of the Winds is a canyon in Nibel that's filled with tunnels and pine trees. It is initially accessed from the left of the Spirit Tree above the Spirit Caverns and connects to the Misty Woods, Forlorn Ruins, and Sorrow Pass. It is in this area that Ori distracts Kuro and obtains Kuro's Feather.

Ori and the Blind Forest/Definitive Edition[edit | edit source]

When Ori initially enters the Valley of the Winds, there wasn't any wind blowing. After restoring the Element of Winds in the Forlorn Ruins, the wind was brought back to the area and all of Nibel. Allowing Ori to travel up with the wind using Kuro's Feather.

There are two paths leading to the Valley of the Winds, the first one not accessible due to Kuro. The second path is higher than the first, and Kuro does not attack if Ori is above a certain height, preferably when Kuro is off-screen. At the second path, Ori can bash the Flyers and Lanterns until they are at the other side of the valley, where there is a huge rock which the player can stomp on. After the player stomps on the rock, it becomes loose and falls down on Kuro, stunning her and making her hastily fly away, rendering the bottom path available, so that the player has access to the Misty Woods. Beneath the path to Misty Woods, there is a place with four Green Spitters and Rammers, and underneath is one Spirit Light Container. There is also a pathway across Sorrow Pass that has spikes that line the wall, requiring the player to have Charge Jump in order to get up and get the Spirit Container.

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