Tuley is a gardener in Ori and the Will of the Wisps who appears similar to a hamster, gerbil or guinea pig. He once lived in Baur's Reach, but after the area was covered under the ice, he moved to Wellspring Glades.

Tuley's Garden[edit | edit source]

Plant Seed location Description Effect
Wellspring Wildflowers Found northwest of the upper Windswept Wastes Spirit Well, in plain sight. I could never quite get Sela Flowers to prosper in my old garden. Perhaps they'll do better here? Causes small flowers to grow throughout the Glades that randomly give small amounts of Spirit Light.
Sticky Situation Found in the large room just west of the Luma Pools Spirit Well, in a secret alcove on the left. I'm not surprised you found this seed so far away. Feel how sticky it is! Grass seeds hitch rides on passers-by to find fresh soil. Causes blue moss to grow through the Glades for easier access.
Firemoth's Delight Found two levels down from the Mouldwood Depths Spirit Well. It is blocked from the west by a one-way breakable wall; approach from the east. With the days growing darker since the Decay, Lightcatchers are finding it harder to collect the light the need for their hanging bulbs. Causes hanging bash point Lightcatchers to fill the Glades.
Blue Moon The Wellspring, the third area, on the right just before the chase. Unlike their cousins, the Lightcatchers, these hanging flowers draw energy from the light of the moon, not the sun. Causes blue grapple point moonblossoms to grow throughout the Glades for easier access.
Left Behind In Tuley's hut, in northcentral Baur's Reach, just to the right of the Light Burst Ancenstral Tree. I thought I saved every seed, but it seems one was left behind in the cold, and survived against all odds. Causes spring plants to grow throughout the Glades for easier access.
The Last Seed Received from Kii after completing his side quest with Tuley. I recognize this seed. It seems the tree I couldn't save is not completely gone. Causes an Ancestral Tree to grow near Twillen's shop that increases Ori's damage by 25%.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

First encounter I've seen many a novelty since I fled my frozen gardens after the storm, but a spirit...I'm not complaining, mind you, I'd almost forgotten the feel of soft soil under my fingertips. But it does not yet feel like home.
After planting Blue Moon flowers Unlike their cousins, the Lightcatchers, these hanging flowers draw energy from the light of the moon, not the sun. Like the moon's pull on the tide, these curious plants seem to have a strange pull to them. We always used to have a bouquet of them on the table, my mother's favourite.
Greeting Would you like to do some planting?
Farewell No harm done.
Choosing a project Then let's get started.
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