Torch is a melee weapon in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. It can be obtained twice in Inkwater Marsh, once before and once during the fight with Howl.

Torch is the first weapon Ori obtains. While it uses the same control scheme as Ori's later abilities, it is only a temporary item. A Torch will be extinguished if it contacts water, and Ori loses the second instance of the weapon after Howl is defeated. After this, it can never be re-acquired.

Attacks and Effects Edit

Torch is a fairly weak weapon which performs swinging melee attacks. Its basic attack is a short horizontal combo with relatively poor reach. It can also perform an upward strike that will lift small enemies into the air and interrupt their attacks by pressing up and the attack button. Unlike the later melee weapons Spirit Edge and Spirit Smash, it does not have a mid-air downward strike.

It can destroy certain minor obstacles, and it applies a damage-over-time burning effect to enemies and objects struck with it due to the burning tip.

How to Obtain Edit

This can be obtained from shrine-like structures in Inkwater Marsh. They can be only obtained once from each structure.

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