Tokk is an old travelling blue bird who can be found in various locations throughout Niwen, in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. He is a source of lore and advice for Ori. According to Lupo, he was once a cartographer that taught Lupo all his knowledge. He has a rather pessimistic attitude.

He assigns Ori with the Missing Key quest and is part of the the Lost Compass quest.

He can also be found in Wellspring Glades and Baur's Reach.

First encounter Squork! What are you, now? Not a Moki, clearly. Not even from Niwen, are you. I've visited most lands near and far and not seen your kind.Come from across the water, maybe? Well, whatever you are, I'm Tokk, a wanderer in these parts. The better parts, at least. I'm taking shelter from that storm, myself, but if you're thinking of going further, you'll have to get through that Spirit Gate to the east. You'll need two keystones like this one here, and there just happens to be another in the cave ahead. But acquiring it is a job for someone more nimble than myself. What do you say?
After showing the keystone (The Missing Key quest) Ah, you're back! And is that a keystone I see? Here's one more for your trouble. I am ever a bird of my word, hnn? Now I can continue my wanderings through Niwen's lost wonders... before we lose any more. And you can carry on with, er, whatever you're doing. Good luck.
Above the entrance to Kwolok's Hollow The gaze of the great Kwolok admits only the worthy... Or so the legend says. Of course, this isn't Kwolok. It's just a statue, hnn? Come to think of it, it doesn't have any eyes, either. How's it supposed to gaze at anything? Some legend. Bah! The great Kwolok is no mere legend. No, he's quite real. If it weren't for him, the Moki might not have a place to go when the woods where they used to live grew too dangerous. That's why they call Kwolok their guardian. He's kept the Decay at bay...For now.
Receiving the compass My compass! You found it! I'm in your debt, fellow traveler. Here, take this. Debt paid!
In Windswept Wastes, after obtaining Eerie Gem What's that, a gem? Looks a bit rough around the edges, hmm? If I were you, I'd show it to an expert and make sure it's safe! Squork!
In Luma Pools The fish are biting, and not just the bait. I risked life and limb to get this. [...] I don't trust this place one bit. Oh, sure, it's vibrant. Sure, it's alluring. But one wrong step and you're food for the fishes. Bah! [After finding the Fishing Moki above and draining the pool near Tokk] As if fishing wasn't hard enough, what with the Moki taking up all the best spots. Now all the water's been drained from my little pool. You didn't happen to see which one did it, did you? There's only that well left, and it doesn't even have water in it! How am I supposed to fish now, hnn? Still, I'm glad the Moki are around after the Decay. Thriving, even, thanks to Kwolok. I just wish they wouldn't thrive in my fishing hole. Bah!
In Baur's Reach
At the entrance of Midnight Burrows
After Ku's Injury

I heard what happened to your friend, and I am sorry. Sorry for your friend, and for the one who hurt her. Nothing's fouler than when the strong hurts the weak. But the light, coming back together... now that's promising. We need something to lift the gloom, and the dust, and the sand. Maybe you're the one to make it happen, hnn?

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