• Hey there! I'm a Community Manager here at Gamepedia and I wanted to say thanks for all the work you do. I'd love to buy you a copy of the new game. If you're up for it email me at or hit me on Discord HeyTots#1127

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    • Hello!

      Sorry for the late response but I didn't really have the time to check the wiki these days :/ (and honestly I should have because omg so much work has been done here, and the wiki is HUGE now, that's awesome!)

      Thank you so much for your extremely nice proposition of buying me the game but... it turns out I haven't seen your message and I've already bought it on Steam xD

      Also you're welcome, I loved working on this wiki and I'm gonna get back at it if I have the time to!

      Still gonna send you a Discord invite, my username's TheCakeIsAlive#0462 (don't judge it's a Portal ref).

      Thank you again,


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