• Hi!

    Finally have occasion to play Hollow Knight! And it's a really cool game! Graphic is interesting (characters like worms), variety of enemies, but history is still unclear to me (I'm after beating Hornet<hard one>, going towards the Fog Canyon). Map also seems to be huge. However, when I try to quite game, it jumps to 'no' button and i can't leave game!(it doesn't always happen, but very often). I tried quitting it from desktop, but the game hadn't recorded my gameplay and was rewinding me to the part I had done half an hour ago...such a weird situation. Anyway, I'm enjoying playing Hollow Knight so much. It's going to fill the void between now and Ori and the Will of the Wisps in 2019(I still think march 11)  :)

    PS. There's a cocnert in Poland(:o) called The Symphony of the Forest, which is Ori's soundtrack played live! Are you going to be there? (Finally I have occasion to be on the Ori's event!)

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    • That's great! Don't worry, the story will be clearer as you'll go forward. And yes, the map is HUGE. Hallownest is a really, really cool world, you'll see. For your technical problem, you should ask your question on the steam community or on the hollow knight wiki. I don't really know what to say about your bug...

      I can't go to this concert, although I would really like. I live in France, which is very far from Poland... Sorry...

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    • It would be cool to meet you there but I understand :( Maybe one day we'll meet somewhere :)

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    • Yeah maybe ^.^

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