• Greetings, Paon! I hope you are doing well.

    I realize you requested administrator rights quite some time ago, and after looking over your edits and contributions to the wiki, I must say, you are certainly a canditate considering I myself am almost inactive. You've done well to update pages, socialize with the other users, and in general be awesome where I've fallen short, so I'm going to go ahead and give you Content Moderator and Discussion Moderator rights as a trial period before I give you full admin permissions. As a Content Moderator and Discussion Moderator, you will be given additional tools to help you manage conversations between users and be able to better manipulate the pages here on this wiki. If you handle these responsibilities and rights with such maturity as you've been showing since the very beginning, by all means, I would be happy to grant you administrator priveleges.

    I hope to hear back from you!

    Thanks for everything,


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    • [I know that I say that in all my comments : sorry for my bad grammar ^.^]

      Hi Darkstripe! I'm glad to see you again. How are you?

      I am really, really honored by your choice (I didn't except it!) and I so happy to be able to help on the wiki again and again. Thank you sooo much for the Moderator rights! I promises you that you will not regret your decision :-)

      I do not know if you saw, but I began to import audio files on the wiki. I found them in the system files of the DE game. I don't know if it's a good idea or not. What's your opinion about my idea?

      Thank you so muuuch for everything you do for me,


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    • I'm doing well, thank you! Just very, very busy with my real work, online and offline. I appreciate you asking!

      And it isn't a problem at all, you most certainly deserve to have those rights with all you've done for the wiki, both in keeping things updated and making others feel welcome. I don't think I will regret my decision at all. ;)

      I've noticed that! It certainly adds another layer to the pages. Quite a while ago I attempted to do the same thing, but I couldn't quite get it to work to this extent. The fact that you've gotten it to work, while making it look asthetically pleasing to the rest of the elements on the pages, is superb. They definitely get to stay!

      Thank you, and have a marvelous day,


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    • CreditsAfterMoon

      The team sends you a lot of big hugs!

      I too have a life beyond the screen, as everybody,  you know :-)

      I love soo much Ori and the Blind Forest that I'm ready to imagine everything for its wiki. If you know how much ideas I have  (which half are impracticable, of course ^.^)!

      I'm glad to know that the project pleases you! I'm going to do my best to complete all the pages and create the missing ones.



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    • A FANDOM user
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