"Water from the Luma Pools flows through here, feeding the marsh with life... Or... it used to flow, before the Decay. Before the mill stopped."

—Voice of the Forest, upon entering The Wellspring

The Wellspring is a water mill in Niwen. The ancient structure is located north of Luma Pools and west of Wellspring Glades.

Overview Edit

The Wellspring is responsible for keeping Niwen's waters flowing. But when the Decay started to spread through Niwen, the Stink Spirit took residence at the top of the watermill. This caused The Wellspring's gears to be unable to turn and Niwen's waters to turn poisonous.

Escape Sequence Edit

Warning! Spoilers ahead! Edit

At the top of the ancient water mill, Ori is told by Opher to find the "foul presence" he smells nearby. Ori investigates as he is told, and succeeds in finding the Stink Spirit. But Ori is grabbed by one of the abomination's many tentacles. When Ori is saved by Opher, the Stink Spirit becomes extremely angry and begins to chase Ori through the top of The Wellspring. Luckily, Ori was able to outrun it and the ensuing rushing waves of water by diving out the mill and landing right outside The Wellspring on the ground below.

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