The Stink Spirit[1] is a horrific purple abomination and the secondary antagonist in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.


The Stink Spirit is a black creature made of intertwining pipe-like growths, with four legs, two arms and a mouth.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

WARNING! Spoilers ahead!

As a result of the Decay, the Stink Spirit would up clog the gears of The Wellspring, halting the flow and polluting most of Niwen's waters from Luma Pools. Ori, trying to get the water flow going again to reach the Silent Woods and find Ku, investigates as he is told by Opher, and succeeds in finding the Stink Spirit. But Ori is grabbed by one of the abomination's many tentacles. When Ori is saved by Opher, the Stink Spirit becomes extremely angry, unlodging itself from the Wellspring gears and begins chasing the little spirit through the top of The Wellspring. Ori is able to outrun it and the ensuing rushing waves of water by diving out the mill safely into the water.

The Stink Spirit is encountered later in the game, taking control of Kwolok after the guardian searches for the Strength of the Forest in Luma Pools. The creature corrupts Kwolok and uses him to attack Ori, forcing the spirit to strike back in self-defense. In the end, after Ori manages to knock Kwolok out of its control, Kwolok subdues the Stink Spirit and crushes it to death. However, the damage the Stink Spirit deals is fatal and Kwolok dies soon after a last conversation with Ori.


Not much is known about the Stink Spirit nor its origins. Through Ori's interactions with it, the Stink Spirit was intent on capturing Ori and inflicting harm upon them. It displayed malicious intent as it was willing to corrupt and take control of Kwolok in an attempt to destroy Ori, and can be seen laughing through the toad guardian as it was using his strength to battle the spirit. Even when it was subdued by Kwolok in its final moments, the Stink Spirit was still squirming under the guardian's grip to try and get to Ori.



  • When conversing with Kwolok early in Luma Pools, the guardian will mention that he smells "a familiar stench", referring to the Stink Spirit.


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