Spirit Smash is an ability found in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. It manifests as a hammer which is slower to swing than Spirit Edge, but deals more damage and has a greater hit-stun and knockback effect, as well as destroying projectiles.

Attacks and Effects[edit | edit source]

Like Spirit Edge, it does not use Energy. It deals 12 base damage points. It is capable of destroying certain otherwise impervious parts of enemies such as shells and shields, and its downward attack is a slam identical to Ori and the Blind Forest’s Stomp that can destroy weak barriers.

The upgrade, Shock Smash, enhances the downward slam, creating a two-way horizontal shockwave similar to that of a Red Mantis on any surface Ori lands on. The shockwave deals 6 damage than the main impact and lacks the hit-stun and knockback effects. The shockwave doesn't benefit from damage buffs, such as Reckless, so it always deals 6 damage.

How to Unlock[edit | edit source]

Purchase from Opher. It costs 400 Spirit Light if it is the first Skill purchased, or 800 otherwise. The upgrade, Shock Smash, costs 1,200 Spirit Light.


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