Spirit Shards are a system of equippable upgrades found in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Many are found by exploring Niwen, others can be purchased from Twillen, or or received as rewards for completing certain side quests.

Once found/purchased, some spirit shards can be upgraded to higher levels, providing more benefits.

Ori can only equip as many shards as they have Shard Slots. These too can be found throughout the game world, through completing Combat Shrines. Initially, the player can equip three Spirit Shards.

There are a total of 31 Spirit Shards for players to collect.

Lupo sells a Shard map for 4,000 Light which highlights the locations of all the remaining Spirit Shards on your map. Collecting all the Spirit Shards will unlock the Shard Hunter achievement.

+ indicates the Spirit Shard can be upgraded. Need about 13000 light total to upgrade all upgradable Spirit Shards.

List of Spirit Shards[edit | edit source]

Shard In-game description Location
Splinter Shard.png Splinter Spirit Arc shots split into (3/4/5) short-range shots, dealing 50% damage each Kwolok's Hollow
Quickshot Shard.png Quickshot Spirit Arc fires 25% faster Kwolok's Hollow
Arcing Shard.png Arcing Spirit Arc shots also hit nearby enemies Wellspring Glades
(Twillen's shop)
Vitality Shard.png Vitality Gain (1/2/3) additional Life cell(s) Wellspring Glades
(Twillen's shop)
Energy Shard.png Energy Gain (1/2/3) additional Energy cell(s) Wellspring Glades
(Twillen's shop)
Life Harvest Shard.png Life Harvest Enemies drop more Life orbs The Wellspring
Light Harvest Shard.png Light Harvest Enemies drop (2/3/4) extra Spirit Light orbs MediumExperiencePickup.png Wellspring Glades
(Twillen's shop)
Energy Harvest Shard.png Energy Harvest Enemies drop more Energy orbs Luma Pools
Lifeforce Shard.png Lifeforce (10/20/30)% bonus damage when above half life Baur's Reach
Last Stand Shard.png Last Stand Deal 20% more damage when below 15% Life Windswept Wastes
Reckless Shard.png Reckless Increase damage dealt and taken by (15/25/35)% Inkwater Marsh
Life Pact Shard.png Life Pact Spend Life to cast spells when out of Energy Inkwater Marsh
Overcharge Shard.png Overcharge Reduce Energy costs by 50% and increase damage taken by 100% Wellspring Glades
(Twillen's shop)
Swap Shard.png Swap Swap maximum Life and Energy Wellspring Glades
(Twillen's shop)
Magnet Shard.png Magnet Orbs float to Ori from further away Inkwater Marsh
Overflow Shard.png Overflow Convert excess Energy to Life and excess Life to Energy Silent Woods
Finesse Shard.png Finesse (10/20)% chance to deal 50% bonus damage Wellspring Glades
(Twillen's shop)
Spirit Surge Shard.png Spirit Surge Spirit Light grants bonus damage. Caps at (3000/6000) Spirit Light MediumExperiencePickup.png Mouldwood Depths
Thorn Shard.png Thorn Deal (25/50)% of melee damage taken back to enemies The Wellspring
Resilience Shard.png Resilience Take (10/20/25/30)% less damage Inkwater Marsh
Deflector Shard.png Deflector Melee attacks deflect projectiles Midnight Burrows
Turmoil Shard.png Turmoil Enemies respawn faster Windswept Wastes
Bounty Shard.png Bounty Enemies have 70% more Life and deal 70% more damage, but drop double Spirit Light MediumExperiencePickup.png Wellspring Glades
Catalyst Shard.png Catalyst Replenish some Energy when dealing melee damage Baur's Reach
Fracture Shard.png Fracture Detonate to split Light Burst into three smaller bursts Baur's Reach
Ultra Bash Shard.png Ultra Bash Bash deals damage Luma Pools
Wingclip Shard.png Wingclip Deal bonus damage to flying enemies Wellspring Glades
(Twillen's shop)
Ultra Grapple Shard.png Ultra Grapple Grapple (1/2) enemy per jump (and deal damage) The Wellspring
Triple Jump Shard.png Triple Jump Jump twice midair before landing Wellspring Glades
(Twillen's shop)
Sticky Shard.png Sticky Stick and climb on walls Inkwater Marsh
Secret Shard.png Secret Secret walls become semi-transparent Wellspring Glades
(Complete the "A Diamond in the Rough" Side Quest)
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