Skeetoes is a type of flying enemy in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. It resembles a blue mosquito with four glowing eyes, six legs, a glowing white abdomen, and a knife-like proboscis. They can be found in Luma Pools, Kwolok's Hollow, and Inkwater Marsh.           

Behavior[edit | edit source]

While it has not sensed Ori, it will hover in mid-air, flapping it's wings as it does so. Upon sensing the player, it will rise slightly, hover for three seconds, and charge at the place the player was when the Skeeto started to charge. While charging, the Skeeto's wings are static. If it hits, it will hover back to it's original spot, but if it doesn't, it will collide with the floor and get bounced off. It will then hover back, and keep attemping to kill the player until the skeeto's death or the player's. 

Skeetos can be instantly killed in contact with water, spikes, lazers, or other hazards. They can also be killed by three swings of a torch, a smash of a spirit smash, a shockwave of a hammer, one spike, three slashs of the sprirt edge, or three arrows of the sprirt arc.

Skeetoes are the fastest enemy in the game, making them hard to hit. One Skeeto is fairly easy to deal with, but if the number of them is above two, it can be a very hindering task to get rid of them, as it is difficult to dodge two or more Skeetos at once. The Skeeto can be damaged in the three second period of hovering, but is difficult to hit any other time. Because they will keep charging in whichever direction they started to charge until they hit something, the player can trick the Skeetos into colliding with a hazard, resulting in the Skeeto's death. The Skeeto can also be bashed into a hazard, resulting in death.

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