"The woods lay still, all ash and bone."

—The narrator, while Ori is exploring Silent Woods

Silent Woods is a location found in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. It connects to the Windswept Wastes in the east, Willow's End and Kwolok's Hollow in the west. Originally, this place was home to the Owls and the Moki. Death and Decay wiped out all of the owls and Moki in the woods and transformed it into a near desolate land, with many inhabitants unfortunate enough to remain within the woods for too long becoming lifeless stone.

The Moki describe the Silent Woods as "the home they left behind." This is supported by numerous Moki huts and lifeless statues of Moki scattered near the entrance to the woods.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps[edit | edit source]

The Silent Woods is the birthplace of Shriek. She is the sole survivor of the Decay, guarding the silence and ensuring it is kept by swiftly and mercilessly silencing any who disrupts it, spirits most of all. The Silent Woods has tar that is lethal to Ori, killing them at the slightest touch, signifying the powers of the Decay.

Ku lands here after being separated from Ori upon getting caught in a storm. She searches for her mother's feather while hiding from the woods' Enforcer of Silence, Shriek. After Ori finds their way to the Silent Woods, they find and reunite with Ku. Shriek discovers them, and hunt for them while they try to search for Kuro's feather. When they find the feather on a branch, it is blown away by Shriek's wings as she corners them. She attacks Ori, causing them to fall into a pit, while Ku tries to attack Shriek to defend Ori. After flinging Ku off of her, Shriek walks over to Ku who is cornered at a ledge. Ku tries to stand up to her as Shriek crushes Ku under her stone wing, sending the owlet off the edge.

Ori wakes up and finds Ku badly injured. The mortally wounded Ku is then carried to Kwolok's Hollow by the Moki. After the fight with Ori in the Willow's end, Shriek returns to Silent Woods, wounded. She then stumbles to her petrified parents, nestling under their wings, and dies.

Sub-Area: The Feeding Grounds[edit | edit source]

Feeding Grounds is a place where Ori has an encounter with Shriek. Ori must cross the area by hiding behind objects in order to enter Windswept Wastes. After obtaining Burrow, it's possible to cross underneath the are. Shriek can be seen feeding on dead animals here and will kill Ori within a few seconds if they attempt to cross in the open.

After Seir is reformed, Ori has to pass through the Grounds once more. There, Shriek will try to attack Ori, but Seir blasts her with light, destroying her stone horns. Ori stops Seir from attacking Shriek further, but because she was blinded by her past, she rejects Ori's warmth and help.

Sub-Area: Weeping Ridge[edit | edit source]

Weeping Ridge is an area connecting Silent Woods to Willow's End. Ori can only access this area after obtaining the ability Burrow. Ori learns the Launch ability from an ancestral tree to the east of the main elevator shaft.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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