"She guarded the silence...and silence was kept."

—Narrator, in Silent Woods

Shriek, also known as the Stone-Wing, was an Owl, and the main antagonist in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Hatched within the Silent Woods after the death of the Spirit Willow and subsequent Decay which overran the area, Shriek was born deformed thanks to its corrupting effects, resulting in much of her body being covered in a layer of stone.

Initially seeking warmth and company of others, she was rejected by the other inhabitants of Niwen, such as the Owls and Moki, due to her appearance, resulting in her shunning light and warmth as she grew.

These experiences ultimately led to Shriek actively trying to kill Ori and Ku, and prevent the former from reviving the light of the Spirit Willow, and save Niwen as a result.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Sometime prior to Shriek's hatching, the Spirit Willow of Niwen died, giving rise to the Decay, which soon overran the Silent Woods where Shriek's family lived and nested. By the time Shriek hatched, her parents had already passed away, and the Decay resulted in her being born encased in a layer of stone, resulting in a rather fearsome appearance.

When Shriek hatched, she beheld the area around her, before promptly leaving her nest behind. Venturing into the more lively parts of Niwen, she watched the flight of other owls, before soon encountering a group of young owlets. Whilst she attempted to befriend them, she was stopped by fully grown adults who screeched at her, and hid the owlets behind their wings away from her.

Leaving the area, Shriek saw the Moki who hid from her. Shriek ultimately returned to the Silent Woods alone, where she grew up, becoming hateful and bitter in the process. As she grew, Shriek spent her days terrorising the forest of Niwen, marring the trees and destroying the homes of the Moki, resulting in much of the latter abandoning their former home in the Silent Woods, and causing Shriek to become greatly feared as as a result. By the time she reached adulthood, she had successfully laid claim to the whole area, and acted as an enforcer of the forests silence, investigating and ruthlessly snuffing out any source of noise.

Hunting Ori[edit | edit source]

When Ori eventually arrived in Niwen after a fateful flight with Ku caused them to crash land, Shriek could be heard screeching, frightening the residents of the forest, as well as being seen by residents such as Opher as she flies over the marshlands.

Whilst Ori moved through her domain in the Silent Woods, Shriek spent her time wandering the desolate forest, crushing Moki huts beneath her talons. She later flew off after hearing a wolf howling in the distance, and even once passed directly over Ori and Ku when they hid from her whilst she was patrolling.

Shriek would eventually uncover the spirit guardian and young owlet, swiftly engaging them in an attempt to eliminate them. Beginning with Ori, she crushed the ground, opening up a pit, inadvertantly allowing the spirit to escape from her clutches alive. Whilst clawing at the pit in an attempt to reach her qaurry, she was interrupted by Ku pecking at her wing. Flinging the young owlet off, she promptly chased them to the edge off a cliff, and mericlessly crushed them beneath her wing, very nearly killing Ku.

Following this event, Shriek would frequently antagonise Ori as they moved throughout Niwen to find the Wisps. She could be seen circling the skies of Baur's Reach, and when Ori claimed the Memory of the Forest at the peak atop the mountain, she promptly arrived and attacked. Triggering an avalanche, she pursued Ori down the mountain, swooping in to try cut the spirit down as they fled the snowfall. Eventually Ori fell over the edge off a cliff as the snow tumbled after them, and whether due to belief that Ori simply perished in the avalanche, or a fear of being buried herself, Shriek left the area.

Shriek would also spend her time the Feeding Grounds, guarding the path between the Silent Woods and the Windswept Wastes, closely investigating any noise Ori made as they crept across the area to reach the desert beyond. Though she eventually discovered the spirit as they neared the Wastes and promptly attacked, she accidentally triggered a rockfall, as Ori fled into a cave, preventing her from reaching her prey.

Death[edit | edit source]

As Ori and newly restored Seir made their way back across the Feeding Grounds to reach the Willow's End, Shriek yet again descended upon them in another attempt on Ori's life. As she was about to crush Ori, Seir repelled the owl with a burst of light, knocking her to the ground. Though Ori held Seir back from attacking further, and tried to befriend Shriek, she, blinded by her past, rejected the warmth with a vengeful screech, and flew away towards the Spirit Willow.

Shriek returned for a final battle at the Willow Tree. Swooping down from the sky, she snatched Seir as the latter moved back towards Ori and crushed the wisp in her talon before casting them away. Circling back around the tree, Shriek flew straight down upon Ori and engaged them in battle.

After a prolonged struggle between the two however, Shriek was bested by Ori and fell from the sky towards the ground, crashing into the Weeping Ridge. With what remained of her strength, she flew back to her old nest in the Silent Woods, where she nestled herself beneath the wing of one of her parents, before succumbing to her injuries and quietly passing away.[1]

Attacks and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Flight: Despite being encased by stone, likely due to the effects of Decay, to the point where much of her wings are covered in stone like growths, Shriek still displays incredible flight abilities, on par with, if any exceeding, any normal Owl. She's possesses incredible speed and agility, capable of swooping down on any prey in a matter of seconds.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of all attacks Shriek uses in her boss fight;

Phase #1[edit | edit source]

  • Stomp: Shriek raises her two talons up before slamming them into the ground beneath her.
  • Crush: Shriek raises one of her stony wings before slamming it into the ground, releasing two waves of blue fire which travel in either direction.
  • Laser Breath: Shriek wiggles her head before opening her beak wide, firing a blue laser which moves across the arena towards Ori.
  • Screech: Shriek opens her beak and lets out a great screech, dealing damage in a modest sized area around her head.
  • Pounce: Shriek flies into the air before quickly descending downwards onto Ori's position. Her landing spot is telegraphed by a purple glow on the ground.
  • Swoop: Shriek flies off and around before quickly dashing across the battlefield in one direction. Her direction is telegraphed by a shadowy column which flows in the same direction that Shriek will fly across the screen.
  • Fire Spit: Shriek shakes her head slightly before letting out a sqawk, releasing around a dozen or so projectiles that travel in arcs away from her head. These projectiles can be deflected back at her to deal damage with the Bash ability.
  • Swipe: If Ori gets too close to her whilst on the ground, Shriek raises one of her talons before lunging sideways towards Ori.

Phase #2[edit | edit source]

In addition to the previous attacks, Shriek gains access to the following attacks in the second phase of her boss battle;

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement stonecold.png

Stone Cold

Defeat Shriek

Walkthrough Video[edit | edit source]

ORI AND THE WILL OF THE WISPS Shriek Final Boss Fight and Ending

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In an early story draft, Moon Studios had specified Shriek being inextricably linked to Decay, because she was born from it. This caused her to spread decay, both intentionally and unintentionally. In that earlier version of the story, there was a cinematic showing Shriek turn Howl to stone. However, this aspect of Shriek’s character became less important over time, to the point that the studio felt it was better to leave it up to the player’s imagination.[2]
  • Shriek is referred to by Grom as the "shadow in the sky", and by Moki as the "shrieker".

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