"She guarded the silence...and silence was kept."

—Narrator, in Silent Woods

Shriek, also known as The Stone-Wing, was an Owl, and is the main antagonist in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. She hatched within the Silent Woods after the death of the Spirit Willow and subsequent Decay overrunning the area, and had extreme deformities thanks to its corrupting effects. She has a layer of stone on her body, and walks on two tall stalks that seem to have replaced her wings rather than walking on her feet, which she allows to hang under herself instead.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

In her early life, she sought to find friends and somewhere to call home. However, after rejection by the Moki, and more critically, the Owls, she returned to the Silent Woods. These experiences ultimately led to Shriek actively trying to silence those she thought would reject her. This included several attempts at killing Ori and Ku to prevent the light of the Spirit Willow from being rejuvenated.

Owls[edit | edit source]

Some time after hatching and venturing out, she came across the new nesting grounds for the Owls. Here, she came across three owlets that were very curious of her. Things were going well, until their parents had landed in the defense of their children and forced Shriek to leave. This was likely due to the corruptive nature and high spread rate of Decay, which her body was covered in. She posed a hazard to the lives of everyone there, a victim by circumstance.

The Moki[edit | edit source]

Upon encountering any Moki, it was not uncommon for them to run away at the sight of her. The Moki were terrified of her.

Hunting Ori[edit | edit source]

Immediately upon Ori and Ku's crash landing in Niwen, Ori sought to find Ku. Eventually, Ori was led into the Silent Woods, where they eventually found Ku. While in the Silent Woods, Shriek was always close by, crushing Moki huts beneath her talons in search of food or any life to extinguish. In part of this journey, she flew off after hearing Howl in the distance. Eventually, Ori would come across the now solid stone corpse of Howl, implying Shriek had almost effortlessly killed him.

Shortly after Ori found Ku, Shriek would uncover the the two, swiftly engaging them in an attempt to eliminate them. She began by attempting to stomp on Ori, which missed and opened a hole into a large cave below, inadvertently allowing the spirit to escape from her clutches. Whilst clawing at the pit in an attempt to reach Ori, she was interrupted by Ku pecking at one of her stone stilts. She would fling Ku off of it, cornering her over the edge of a cliff, only to stomp down on her, almost[2] resulting in her death.

Following this event, Shriek would frequently antagonize Ori as they moved throughout Niwen to find the Wisps. She could be seen circling the skies of Baur's Reach, and when Ori claimed the Memory of the Forest at the peak atop the mountain, she promptly arrived and attacked. This attack triggered an avalanche, and as it occurred, she pursued Ori down the mountain, swooping in to try cut the spirit down as they fled the snowfall. Eventually Ori fell over the edge off a cliff as the snow tumbled after them, and for unspecified reasons, Shriek left the area.

Shriek would also spend her time the Feeding Grounds, guarding the path between the Silent Woods and the Windswept Wastes, closely investigating any noise Ori made as they crept across the area to reach the desert beyond. Though she eventually discovered the spirit as they neared the Wastes and promptly attacked, she accidentally triggered a rockfall as Ori fled into a cave, preventing her from reaching her prey.

Demise[edit | edit source]

As Ori and the recently-restored Seir made their way back across the Feeding Grounds to reach the Willow's End, Shriek yet again descended upon them in another attempt on Ori's life. As she was about to crush Ori, Seir repelled the owl with an incredibly powerful burst of light, knocking her to the ground. Seir was going to deliver a finishing blow, however Ori held Seir back from attacking further in an attempt to relay that they did not want to hurt Shriek, and would rather be seen as friendlies. Shriek unfortunately rejected this implied offer, seemingly distraught that someone would even make such an offer in the first place.

Shriek returned for a final battle at the Willow Tree. After Seir had briefly revived the Spirit Willow and began her flight back down to Ori, Shriek swooped in and caught Seir out of the air, disabling her and tossing her into The Weeping Ridge.

After a prolonged struggle between the two, Shriek was bested by Ori and fell from the sky towards the ground, crashing into The Weeping Ridge. With what remained of her strength, she flew back to her old nest in the Silent Woods, where she nestled herself beneath the wing of one of her parents, before succumbing to her injuries and quietly passing away.[1]

Attacks and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Note that these ability names are not officially mentioned, and have been given fan-assigned names for the sake of readability.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Flight: Despite being encased by stone, Shriek still displays incredible flight abilities that are on par with or even exceed that of any normal Owl.
  • Crawling Stone: She can use an attribute of decay referred to by Tuley as The Crawling Stone to turn any living entity into a stone husk representing what it once was.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of all attacks Shriek uses in her boss fight. A fan-made walkthrough exists as well.

Phase #1[edit | edit source]

Phase #1 occurs while Ori is on the platform where the battle begins. All abilities mentioned here are reused for all phases unless mentioned otherwise.

  • Stomp: Shriek raises her two talons up before slamming them into the ground beneath her.
  • Crush: Shriek raises one of her stony stilts before slamming it into the ground, releasing two waves of blue fire which travel in either direction.
  • Laser Breath: Shriek wiggles her head before opening her beak wide, firing a blue laser which moves across the arena towards Ori.
  • Screech: Shriek opens her beak and lets out a great screech, dealing damage in a modest sized radius around her head.
  • Pounce: Shriek flies into the air before quickly descending downwards onto Ori's position. Her landing spot is telegraphed by a purple glow on the ground.
  • Swoop: Shriek flies off and around before quickly dashing across the battlefield in one direction. Her direction is telegraphed by a shadowy column which flows in the same direction that Shriek will fly across the screen. In Phase 1, this is strictly horizontal.
  • Fire Spit: Shriek shakes her head slightly before letting out a squawk, releasing around a dozen or so projectiles that travel in arcs away from her head. These projectiles can be deflected back at her to deal damage with the Bash ability. At least one projectile is always aimed towards Ori.
  • Swipe: If Ori gets too close to her whilst on the ground, Shriek raises one of her talons before lunging sideways towards Ori.

Phase #2[edit | edit source]

Phase #2 occurs on a platform to the far right once Shriek is at 75% health. Some previous attacks from Phase 1 are reused, with some minor alterations, namely:

  • Roar: at the beginning of phase 2 Shriek will land on the far left of the platform and screeches at the player that has small range. this attack is only done once in the entire phase besides restarts.
  • Swoop gains the ability for Shriek to fly into the background and towards the viewer at the bottom of the screen, Ori must go into the air or onto the blue moss on the side of the platform to dodge as the entire floor becomes a hazard area. She also gains the ability to do diagonal dashes.
  • Fire Rain: Shriek will fly into the background before screeching to the air, causing rain and 1-4 violet colored rain to come down. each violet rain can home in on Ori slightly and can be bashed to remove the homing effect. Violet colored rain also have a slightly larger explosion compared to the blue ones.
  • Fire Spit: Shriek will fly up from whatever side Ori is at (so if Ori is left, she appears on the left) before spitting projectiles in a 45 degree angle. At least one projectile is aimed towards Ori.
  • Stomp: Shriek will fly offscreen before slamming the ground 3 times each one indicated by a purple shadow. If she is below 50% health and slams the mid-right or far left of the platform, she breaks it off.
  • Laser Breath: Shriek will fly up the middle before sweeping the platform with her laser.
  • Screech: Shriek will fly to where Ori is on the platform before shortly screeching with a fairly sized ranged.
  • Cover: Shriek will fly high above the middle and covers the entire platform. this is indicated by the ground showing purple smoke. Ori will need to jump off the platform, time a Launch, or go on the blue moss on the sides of the platforms to dodge this attack.

Phase #3[edit | edit source]

Phase #3 begins when Shriek is at lower than or equal to 10% of her maximum health. At this point, Shriek will break the ground from left to right till there is no more, restricting Ori to an aerial battle. There are a number of alterations here as well. It also implements a new ability.

  • Fire Rain: Shriek causes a rain of projectiles from the top of the screen to the bottom, unlike in phase 2, Violet rain does not appear here and the attack remains for the rest of the phase.
  • Swoop remains the same, but is done in a pattern of horizontal first, then diagonal.
  • Stomp, Pounce, Crush, Cover, Screech, and Swipe are no longer used due to the lack of ground.
  • Laser Breath is no longer used.
  • Fire Spit is modified to be unidirectional, where Shriek will fly to the right side of the screen and spray out an alternative kind of projectile towards the player in a 30 degree angle. None of these will be directed towards the player intentionally, and it creates a dangerous area in a manner akin to Bullet Hell.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement stonecold.png

Stone Cold

Defeat Shriek

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In an early story draft, Moon Studios had specified Shriek being inextricably linked to Decay, because she was born from it. This caused her to spread decay, both intentionally and unintentionally. In that earlier version of the story, there was a cinematic showing Shriek turn Howl to stone. However, this aspect of Shriek’s character became less important over time, to the point that the studio felt it was better to leave it up to the player’s imagination.[3]
  • Shriek is referred to by Grom as the "shadow in the sky", and by Moki as the "shrieker".

References[edit | edit source]

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