Quests are a new gameplay mechanic found in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

List of Quests[edit | edit source]

Name Giver Area Description Solution Reward
The Missing Key Tokk Inkwater Marsh Find the Keystone Explore the cave to find a keystone, then return to Tokk. Keystone
Guardian of the Marsh Moki Inkwater Marsh

/Kwolok's Hollow

Find Kwolok Go to Kwolok's Marsh and Find Kwolok. 200 MediumExperiencePickup.png
A Little Braver Mokk, the Brave Inkwater Marsh A Moki wants to show his friends how brave he is. Find a Howl Fang for him. Follow the same path Ori was escaping from Howl, then climb the rope and explore area to the right. After that, return to Mokk the Brave. Gorlek Ore
Kwolok's Wisdom Moki Luma Pools Find Kwolok Find and defeat Kwolok in Luma Pools, then bring the bad news to the Moki. After that, take the amulet and return it to Kwolok's Marsh.
Into the Burrows Tokk Inkwater Marsh Open the gate and find an artifact for Tokk Explore Midnight Burrows to find Curious Tablet, then bring it back to Tokk. 1,000 MediumExperiencePickup.png
The Silent Map Lupo Wellspring Glades Help Lupo map the Silent Woods Explore the Silent Woods to around 80% and return to Lupo Unlock Map upgrades
The Tree Keeper Kii Silent Woods Kii gave Ori a branch of a dying tree in hopes that someone might know a cure Give the branch to Tuley, and return to Kii.
Rebuilding the Glades Grom Wellspring Glades Help Grom rebuild the Wellspring Glades Finish all Grom's Projects: some are discovered via talking to Moki in Wellspring Glades. Fixer Upper achievement /

Projects grant access to more areas/collectibles

in the Glades

Regrowing the Glades Tuley Wellspring Glades Help Tuley regrow the flora of the Wellspring Glades Gather seeds scattered across Niwen and plant them. Planting each seed grants access to more areas/collectibles in the Glades
Family Reunion Moki Wellspring Glades A Moki is building a hut in the Wellspring Glades. Find his family so they can join him in their new home. Go to the Moki house, where you can find Petrified Doll. Then return to Moki father with sad news that his family was turned into stone. 100 MediumExperiencePickup.png
A Diamond in the Rough Tokk Windswept Wastes Explore the Windswept Wastes Use the Burrow ability near the showel. After that, take the Eerie Gem to Twillen, who is able to polish it. Secret Shard
The Lost Compass Tokk The Wellspring Find Tokk's Compass After removing a decay in the room Tokk pointed to you, go to the left through the wheel to find the Iron Needle. Tokk will be standing at the entrance to that room. Gorlek Ore

Hand to Hand[edit | edit source]

Hand to Hand quest is a trade sequence, where player must bring certain items to some characters.

Name Giver Area Description Solution Reward
Hand to Hand Moki Kwolok's Hollow Find someone in need of a treasure map Give the treasure map to Tokk in the Wellspring Glades. Wanderer's Pouch
Hand to Hand Tokk Wellspring Glades Tokk gave you a wanderer's pouch, the perfect small pack for small adventurers. Give the Wanderer's Pouch to a Moki in the Wellspring. Herb Pouch
Hand to Hand Moki The Wellspring Find someone in need of herbs Give the Herb Pouch to Veral in Baur's Reach. Spicy Soup
Hand to Hand Veral Baur's Reach Find someone in need of a hot meal Give the Spicy Soup to a Moki in Baur's Reach. Comfy Hat
Hand to Hand Moki Baur's Reach Find someone in need of a Comfy Hat Give the Comfy Hat to a Moki in the Wellspring Glades. Lantern
Hand to Hand Moki Wellspring Glades Find someone in need of light Give the Lantern to a Moki in the Mouldwood Depths Mouldwood Silk
Hand to Hand Moki Windswept Wastes Find someone in need of string Give the Mouldwood Silk to the Fisher-Moki in the Luma Pools Spyglass
Hand to Hand Fisher-Moki Luma Pools Find someone in need of a Spyglass Give the Spyglass to Motay in the Wellspring Glades Canteen
Hand to Hand Motay Wellspring Glades Find someone in need of water Give the Canteen to the Gorlek Miner in Windswept Wastes Stone Tablet
Hand to Hand Lupo Windswept Wastes Find the ancient Map Stone. Talk to the Lupo in Wellspring Glades and go to Windtorn Ruins to place the tablet in. Reveals all of the secrets on the map.
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