"Ori had learned how they perished through our light."

The Spirit Tree, narrating in Kuro's Nest

The Owlets are Kuro's three owl hatchlings, and the former siblings of Ku.

Description[edit | edit source]

The owlets look very much like their mother, Kuro, besides the obvious (being younger and much, much smaller). Their eyes are orange and wide with golden-brown pupils. They have very dark indigo feathers which cover most of their bodies except for their bellies, where their feathers are noticeably lighter in color and spotted with flecks of blackish-blue. Their faces, too, are also light.

The owlets did not have enough screen time for distinct personality traits to surface, but from what is presented, it can be assumed that they are innocent and dependent on Kuro (much like Ori before Naru's death).

As seen in Ori and the Blind Forest[edit | edit source]

The Owlets' only full appearance is in a flashback cutscene which happens upon Ori's discovery of Kuro's Egg.

The Owlets are being fed small grub-like caterpillars by their mother, Kuro, who then goes off to find more food for her hungry brood. When the Spirit Tree set the skies ablaze in search of Ori, the light he activated crept into Kuro's Nest. Scared, the Owlets tried to hide from the light, huddling together and breathing heavily as it burned them. Kuro returned too late to save her children, and wept over their bodies.

It was this that sparked Kuro's wrath, and in blind fury, she attacked the Spirit Tree to protect her remaining child and avenge the Owlets. One of the three owlets appears very briefly towards the end of the game in Kuro's mind, as she remembers the grief she felt over her children when she sees Naru holding Ori.

Family[edit | edit source]

Tree[edit | edit source]


* Deceased.

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