Ori and the Will of the Wisps is the recently announced sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest.

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It was announced on June 11th, 2017 at E3 during Microsoft's keynote. The release date was initially announce to be February 11th, 2020 at E3 2019, and the E3 reveal confirmed the fact that it will be an Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. Later, during The Game Awards 2019, a new trailer was unveiled which also announced a delayed release date of March 11th 2020.

Confirmed charactersEdit



  • Tokk
  • Lupo
  • Twillen
  • Grom
  • Kil
  • Motay
  • Opher
  • Tuley
  • The Moki


  • Geese



  • Spine Slime

New enemies:

  • Sandworm
  • Shell Slime
  • Vicious Dog Monster
  • Stag Beetle Rammer


  • Giant Wolf Monster
  • Four-Armed Horned Yeti
  • Giant Fungal Spider
  • Undead Owl
  • Giant Sand Worm
  • Swamp Tentacle Monster
  • Hermit-Crab Monster



New movement abilities:

  • Burrow - allows Ori to burrow through sand and snow
  • Grapple - allows Ori to pull himself in a straight line to blue flowers (as well as stick to them) and enemies

New combat abilities:

  • Spirit Edge
  • Spirit Smash
  • Spirit Arc (ranged)
  • Spike (ranged, consumes energy)
  • Regenerate (consumes energy to replenish health)




  • Spirit Trials – a psuedo multiplayer where you can race against the ghosts of other players, to see if you can beat their records.
  • Spirit Shrines – face increasingly challenging waves of enemies in timed trials to collect rewards.
  • Spirit Shards – a system of equippable and upgradable powerups similar to the Charms in Hollow Knight
    • Energy Efficiency - reduces energy cost by 20%
    • Reckless - increases damage dealt and taken by 25%
    • Compass - displays an in-game compass that points to the current objective
    • Spirit Magnet - more distant pickups float to Ori
    • Splinter - Splits projectiles into 3, each dealing 33% damage
    • Barrier - take 20% less damage




  • Windswept Wastes
  • Wellspring Glades
  • Underwater Reef
  • Owl Graveyard
  • Pink Crystal Mines
  • Swamp
    • Water Wheel
    • Village of Weasel-like creatures
  • Green Bright Forest
  • Dark Forest
  • Cave with giant bones
  • Spider Fungus Caves
  • Frozen Forest
    • Ice Cave

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Spirit Trials

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