The Ori the Game Wiki is a community where everyone is invited, but similarly to most wikis, there are a number of rules and editing guidelines you are expected to follow depending on the activities you participate in.

Failure to respect these rules could result in a punishment whose severity depends on the nature of the problem you have caused.

If you have any concerns with these rules, do not hesitate to contact this wiki's staff. All punishments made will be as sensible as possible and will be within the bounds of Fandom's own guidelines, however ultimately the staff of this wiki reserve the right to take any action they believe is necessary to properly rid of any problems. If you believe a staff member has abused this power critically, please follow the instructions that can be found on Fandom's guidelines page.

Wiki Rules[edit source]

Core Guidelines[edit source]

  • Vandalism is strictly prohibited. Any user who intentionally destroys pages (replaces page content with gibberish, inappropriate subject matters or irrelevant descriptions) will be dealt with accordingly. Vandals can be banned without warning.
  • Make objective decisions. Despite the nature of Ori being heavily fan-interpreted, it is important to remain as objective as possible. A number of tools exist to highlight community opinions, and these must be used accurately. Usage of these tools can be found on the Editing Etiquette page.

Other Guidelines[edit source]

  • Refrain from being overly offensive especially towards others.
    • Try to avoid obscene language where possible. Do not use obscene language when directed to other individuals or groups.
    • Do not post content that is going to make people upset. If people are getting upset at content that has already been posted, report it, or if it is your own post, delete it.
    • Do not provoke others.
  • Remember that this is the Ori wiki. Keep your personal drama and jargon from other communities isolated to those other communities, and don't bring that stuff here.
  • Do not use alternate accounts or impersonate other people, no matter how popular (or unpopular) they may be.
  • Do not flood the comment sections with gibberish or mature content. It is a great annoyance to the other users here, and repeated offenders will be warned/blocked.

Penalties[edit source]

Generally speaking, penalties will be kept as uniform as possible. For cases other than vandalism, we will try to give fair warning when possible. Repeated offenses may be temporarily blocked from the wiki. If you are found attempting to use an alternate account to bypass a block, your block duration will be increased. If you repeatedly ignore blocks, you may be permanently blocked depending on the nature of your offenses.

Overall, if you are believed to be someone who is trying to be malicious towards others, you will not be given as many chances. Alternatively, if it was an obvious mistake and you have no negative intents in the long term, we will try to be lenient.

In the event of vandalism, a much more strict approach is taken and you may face a permanent block immediately.

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