"You look harmless. ...We should fix that. Luckily for you, I just happen to be a weapon master!"

—Opher, during first meeting

Opher is a vendor in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. A monkey-like creature, he is a combat expert who teaches Ori new moves and upgrades old ones, for a price. He wields a wooden staff as a weapon.


Opher is first encountered in Inkwater Marsh. After the player's first purchase, he can be found in Wellspring Glades, mentioning a library in The Wellspring which he would like to visit. Next time he is found at the entrance to The Wellspring, as well as in the library. He also rescues Ori from the Stink Spirit. After that, he stays in Wellspring Glades.

Moves and upgradesEdit

The first move you buy is 400 Spirit Light.


First encounter Come to see the view? Splendid, isn't it! The Wellspring in all her magnificence! A whole generation of Moki have come and gone since the old mill's wheels last turned. And they say an impressive library sits within--

interrupted by Shriek flying above

What's Shriek doing all the way out here !? Something must have stirred her from her roost. Some threat, perhaps? Not you, surely. You look harmless. ...We should fix that. Luckily for you, I just happen to be a weapon master!

Offering a deal (first time) Interested in honing your skills? I can offer a deal on your first purchase only, so choose wisely.
After buying first weapon Make the most of your new skill, the next won't come so cheaply. If you care to put your skills to the test, there's a Spirit Shrine nearby. Just the place for you to prove your mettle. Our paths will cross again. Till then, keep your blade at the ready and an eye on the sky!
Talking again Interested in improving your skills?
Greeting At your service! Care to hone your skills?
Leaving Stay sharp!
Leaving Stay sharp, spirit!
After completing The Wellspring Glad to see you again, spirit, and in one piece. And we both found what we were looking for... or it found us. I'm not easily impressed, but I must admit I've underestimated you. I'm at your service, whenever the need should arise.
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