"After his passing, she left... And never returned."

The Spirit Tree, narrating in Lost Grove

Naru's Father is the biological parent of Naru, and belongs to an unknown species. As the single caretaker for his child, he was responsible for keeping her safe during her youth and stayed with her until she reached a mature age. A creature of the dark who lived in the Lost Grove beneath the Black Root Burrows, Naru's Father cared greatly for his daughter, though to a point of being nearly overprotective.

Description[edit | edit source]

Naru's father, just like his daughter, is large and slow. He has a big spotted stomach and his arms, chest, head and back are covered with black fur. Most of his lower half is a lighter shade while his face is pure white. The major difference between the two is that Naru's father has a crown of protrusions around his head, four points that look similar to horns or even the ears of the Spirit Guardians.

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition [edit | edit source]

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

During their quest to save Nibel, Ori is able to explore the Black Root Burrows and learn about the origins of their mother. Sein explains how Naru and her father lived long before the blinding of the forest, back when the Spirit Tree was only a sprout. Naru herself was quick to make friends with the Spirit Guardians Eki and Sol in her youth, playing games with them. Naru's father however did not approve of this friendship, thinking that exposing his child to the light when they were part of the dark was dangerous. He separated the group apart, much to Naru's dismay.

As the years passed, Naru's father taught his daughter many skills, including cooking and stone carving. One day, when a now adult Naru came back to their home after gathering food, she was shocked to see her father unresponsive on the ground. Realizing that he had passed away, Naru mourned her loss and left her home, never returning.

After being revived during Ori's journey many years later, Naru remains determined to save her child from Kuro's clutches in defiance of her father's disapproval of the union between light and dark. Her affection is ultimately what saves the forest from destruction.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The events of Naru's earlier life with her father are a near copy of the events that lead Ori to start their journey. After losing their parents, both Naru and Ori leave their homes forever in search of a new place to belong, history repeating itself.
  • Naru's father can be seen in multiple stone statues scattered around the Black Root Burrows and Lost Grove. A statue where he died also remains for Ori to discover.
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