Motay is a chameleon statistician who lives in Wellspring Glades. Using his stealth, he follows the player around secretly, and records everything Ori does in meticulous detail.

Description[edit | edit source]

Motay is orange with a white underside, yellow glowing eyes and mouth. He wears a leaf hat and necklace, and carries a book of statistics.

Stats[edit | edit source]

The player can view their statistics at any time by talking to Motay:

  • Time alive
  •  % Completed
  • Total deaths
  • Times Drowned
  • Deaths by Enemy
  • Deaths by Hazard
  • Damage taken
  • Enemies Slain
  • Energy Spent
  • Life Regenerated
  • Abilities Upgraded
  • Biggest Single Attack
  • Jumps
  • Wall Jumps
  • Dashes
  • Bashes
  • Grapples
  • Distance Travelled
  • Distance Swam
  • Distance Burrowed
  • Distance Glided
  • Glow Time
  • Airborne Time
  • Longest Air Time
  • Times Warped
  • Total Spirit Light Collected
  • Total Spirit Light Spent
  • Abilities Discovered
  • Life Cells Collected
  • Energy Cells Collected
  • Shard Slot Upgrades Collected
  • Shards Collected
  • Shrines Discovered
  • Shrines Completed
  •  % Shard Upgrades Complete

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

First Encounter I can hardly believe it... I'm talking to a real spirit, in Niwen! You're smaller then I thought. Oh, but so bright! I myself prefer to blend in. It's not safe out there, you know. Lucky for you I've been watching your every move. Just to make sure you're alright, of course.
After completing first hand to hand quest Just imagine the adventures that Moki will go on with an adventurer's pack! She seems to have a knack for it, judging by the rare herbs she gave you. They don't just grow anywhere, you know. That's why spicy mushclam soup is such a delicacy 'round here. But it takes a real chef to get it right, take it from me. I've burned my tongue enough times to know!
After Ku's Injury I saw what Shriek did to your friend. I'm truly sorry. I think Ku reminded her of something... something she hates. She was little too, once. Vulnerable. She doesn't want to remember that, Ori. But there is something she didn't see. Ku is strong. I know. I was watching.
Greeting Care to see my records of you?
Leaving See you soon...

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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