Motay is a chameleon statistician who lives in Wellspring Glades. Using his stealth, he follows the player around secretly, and records everything Ori does in meticulous detail.


Motay is orange with a white underside, yellow glowing eyes and mouth. He wears a leaf hat and necklace, and carries a book of statistics.


The player can view their statistics at any time by talking to Motay:

  • Time alive
  •  % Completed
  • Total deaths
  • Times Drowned
  • Deaths by Enemy
  • Deaths by Hazard
  • Damage taken
  • Enemies Slain
  • Energy Spent
  • Life Regenerated
  • Abilities Upgraded
  • Biggest Single Attack
  • Jumps
  • Wall Jumps
  • Dashes
  • Bashes
  • Grapples
  • Distance Travelled
  • Distance Swam
  • Distance Burrowed
  • Distance Glided
  • Glow Time
  • Airborne Time
  • Longest Air Time
  • Times Warped
  • Total Spirit Light Collected
  • Total Spirit Light Spent
  • Abilities Discovered
  • Life Cells Collected
  • Energy Cells Collected
  • Shard Slot Upgrades Collected
  • Shards Collected
  • Shrines Discovered
  • Shrines Completed
  •  % Shard Upgrades Complete


First Encounter I can hardly believe it... I'm talking to a real spirit, in Niwen!
After Ku's Injury I saw what Shriek did to your friend. I'm truly sorry. I think Ku reminded her of something... something she doesn't want to remember.
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