Mortars[1] are wormlike enemies that are stationed on ledges in Ori and the Blind Forest and Will of the Wisps. Their projectiles can be used by Ori to propel themselves up to higher areas.

Description[edit | edit source]

Mortars are purple wormlike creatures, with half of their body in the ground and the other half exposed. They have fin-like limbs and a mouth.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Mortars are stationary enemies, meaning they cannot move or chase after Ori. Upon sensing Ori, they will pop out of the ground and slightly swell for three seconds, then fire a purple projectile. They will keep firing until Ori moves too close, or Ori moves too far, both resulting in the Mortar sinking into the ground until Ori is in their firing range again, or the Mortar dies, in which case a second one will immediately take it's place.

Mortars are usually placed for granting Ori access to a certain place, so they have little value upon death, as another will take it's place immediately. They are useful for farming spirit light, and drop 15-20 upon death.

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