Mora is a giant spider who resides in the Mouldwood Depths along with her many children. When the Spirit Willow lost her light, Mora sealed the entrance to their domain to protect herself and her children, but the Decay affected the darkness within Mouldwood. This caused Mora and her children to become corrupted, resulting in Mora becoming tainted with corrupted fungus that turned her hostile, stealing the Eyes of the Forest for herself.

Description[edit | edit source]

Mora is a giant black spider with eight legs. She has yellow glowing fungus growing on her head, body, and legs. Before and during the boss battle with her her eyes are pure yellow without pupils, but after the battle her eyes turn clear and black, signifying the clearing of the corruption in her mind.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Upon defeating Mora Thank you...Spirit. I am freed from the corruption that clouded my mind. Now the darkness that has lain over these depths can lift. We all need light to provide balance. Even those of us beneath the surface. If it remains fragmented, it will dwindle and die forever. All of Niwen will suffer as Mouldwood has. You must be strong, spirit. Even as the Decay grows, your presence brings us hope. Go forth and find the wisps.
Second meeting The little ones sealed the gate above the depths? That is good. Good, too, they let you come receive the light I stole when my mind was not my own. The light belongs where it can shine brightest. Leave these shadows to the mold and the spiders. My children have gone too long without their mother. Soon even the smallest will be grown and leave the web. The way to the surface is open now. Thay are free to roam where they will.

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