"You are not a Moki, I can tell. Your ears are too floppy."

—Treasure Map Moki, Ori and the Will of the Wisps

The Moki are a species of small creatures in Niwen similar to ferrets, meerkats or lemurs. They are able to stand on two legs but run with four.

Description[edit | edit source]

Moki are brown and white, with glowing yellow eyes and brown rings around them alike those of a panda, large ears, long bodies and a long tail with white on the end. They are approximately as tall as Ori.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Moki are commonly seen in the gloomy Inkwater Marsh (where their village is located) and Kwolok's Hollow.

Moki are harmless and helpful to Ori, but very shy. They are fast and agile, allowing them to avoid danger. Moki dislike bright light, preferring twilight, night and shady areas. They have a close relationship with Kwolok, the toad-like guardian of the Marsh, but greatly fear Howl.

Moki describe the Silent Woods as "the home we left behind".

There is a total of 17 interactable Moki in the game, not counting those in cutscenes.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps[edit | edit source]

When Ori first comes to Niwen, they are surrounded by a group of curious Moki. They are then frightened away by Shriek's calls.

After Ori's fight with the Hornbug, Moki will lower a vine for Ori.

After Ku is injured in Silent Woods, a group of Moki surround her and Ori. The Voice of the Forest fails to heal Ku and the Moki then tell Ori that they will watch over her.

At the entrance to Mouldwood Depths, Moki will tell Ori to be careful, then pull a lever, opening the door to Mouldwood Depths.

In the Luma Pools, the Moki tell Ori that something is wrong with Kwolok. After fighting the Stink Spirit, the Moki witness Kwolok's death.

Prior to the becoming of Ori as the Spirit Tree, various Moki along with Ku, Naru, and Gumo take care of the tree, each one eventually fading away in turn.

Notable Moki[edit | edit source]

  • Mokk the Brave - this timid Moki can be found in Inkwater Marsh. They give A Little Braver quest, requesting a Howl Fang from Ori.
  • Wellspring Glades Moki - this Moki has come to live in the Wellspring Glades. The light outside is a little harsh, so they live in a small cave instead.
  • Fisher-Moki - this Moki fishes at Luma Pools, and comes back to Wellspring Glades at evening to eat and sleep, like their father. They are part of the Hand to Hand Quests.
  • Treasure Map Moki - This Moki notices many things. Like the map he found. They give the quest Hand to Hand.
  • Spirit Trials Moki - This Moki tried to race the ghosts of fallen spirits.
  • Berry Picker Moki - This Moki is on their way to pick some berries in Baur's Reach.
  • Moki Father - This Moki used to live in the Silent Woods, along with his family. He gives the Quest Family Reunion.
  • Acorn Moki - This Moki dropped his acorn into a hole. It was given to them by someone special.

Below are the lines of Moki in cutscenes.

After interacting with first ancestral tree

You are not like the others.The Shrieker! The Howler! In you shines an ancient light. The tree remembered. It knowed! It glowed! It has shared it's memory with you. Now use the light, we want to see!

After showing Spirit Edge ability The light listens to you. You must be a spirit after all! We Moki thought all the spirits had gone from Niwen. Gone away! So long, spirits! You seek someone. We know a finder. The great one! Great and mossy! Go to the Guardian of the Marsh. Kwolok will help you find your way.
At first spirit well The light from the wells runs all through Niwen.It joins! It heals!
At entrance to Kwolok's Hollow We Moki saw where the little owl fell. Near the home we left behind. Silent Woods! Scary Woods!
After Ku Cutscene Kwolok is kind. Kwolok can help.
After escape from Stink Spirit The waters flow once more. Swift and clear! Bright and clean! You are very brave. So brave! So soggy! We must tell Kwolok. This is a happy day for all the Marsh!
After Wellspring escape in Kwolok's Hollow The Wellspring has woken! The waters flow clean! Squeaky mill! Rushing water!We can fish now. we can swim!
After talking with Kwolok We found this, Ori. It will help you go far. We will stay and watch over your friend.
After Ku's injury We Moki are sad Shriek hurt the little owl. We are sad that Kwolok is gone, too. We are not sad you are trying to help. But we are worried. You go. We will watch her.
Entrance of Mouldwood Depths When darkness came, we Moki came to check the Mouldwood Depths, but the gate was closed! Now Kwolok has sent us to open it for you. Because a light was lost inside. A light like yours. Little light. Lonely light. It is dark, but maybe you can find it, if you shine bright enough. We will wait for you! Keep out of the darkness. It skitters. It bites.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Moki were originally called "Swamp Otters".[1]

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