"Greetings, traveler! I am Lupo, Mapmaker Extraordinaire"

—Lupo, introducing himself

Lupo is an avid cartographer in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The maps he sells to Ori reveal the outline of the area Ori is in and certain pickups on the map.

He can be found in various locations across Niwen, as well as in his home in Wellspring Glades. Ori can improve the maps he has and can sell Ori.

Maps and their cost Edit

Map upgrades Edit

First encounter Greetings, traveler! I am Lupo, Mapmaker Extraordinaire! Quite the storm that passed through! Made my maps a little soggy, so I'll give you half off, agreed? After all, rumor has it that you're looking for a friend. And what's better for finding things then a map? Care to purchase a map of these fine fens for 50 Spirit Light?
After purchasing map There's danger in a name, friend. Say, for instance, the name of this place: Inkwater Marsh. I tried using some of that water to draw my maps, and er, well...Waste of good paper, that. You've seen that feathery wanderer about, have you? Tokk, he calls himself. Tokk was a fine mapmaker too, once. The finest, maybe. I learned a lot from him. He's overly fond of flights of fancy, though. Rumors. Legends. The past... You ask me, mapmaking's about the present! Take it from me. I use my outdated maps as kindling.
In Kwolok's Hollow Hello there! Welcome to Kwolok's Hollow! Here we are in the domain of the great Kwolok, Guardian of the Marsh! Thanks to his care, why, things have hardly changed around here since the Decay came. Care to purchase a map of the big toad's abode for 100 Spirit Light?
After purchase of Kwolok's Hollow map Oh sure, things have changed. Not even the great Kwolok himself could stop the Decay completely! Take the brambles, for example. Didn't have as many of those as before. Or the skeetos. Or the spittle-slugs. Oh, I despise them. Come to think of it, quite a lot has changed. Even here. You'll notice the water in Kwolok's Hollow is a great deal fresher than it is elsewhere. That's because Kwolok knows exactly how to tend to the springs and the plants to keep the Decay at bay! And how to inspire the Moki to help. Organizing those furry that's a real feat! Hmm. I wonder if they have a knack for mapmaking...
After a purchase Much obliged!


Trivia Edit

  • Lupo and Tokk are both voiced by Michael Schwalbe.
  • Even though you don't spend Spirit Light when buying a map of Willow's End, it still locks you from getting Lightless achievement.
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