Luma Pools is a location found in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. It is the source of Niwen's waters, being a vital component to the ancient forest's survival, especially during the Decay. It is a beautiful place with trees that have pink leaves and pink grass.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps[edit | edit source]

Luma Pools is to the west of the Wellspring, providing water for it. It can be accessed after clearing the Wellspring. It is one of the two areas in Niwen with clean water after the Decay thanks to Strength of the Forest, the first being Kwolok's Hollow.

After the Spirit Willow died and Seir shattered into wisps, Strength of the Forest, the most powerful fragment of light which ended up in Luma Pools, created a protective aura around the area sparing it from Decay. This is why Luma Pools are a place mostly unaffected by its negative effects.

During their quest to find the Wisps, Ori travels to Luma Pools to find the Strength of the Forest. They soon find Kwolok and he leaves to find the Strength of the Forest. Later, Ori finds the Foul Presence possessed Kwolok, whose eyes have turned white. Ori is forced to fight him in self-defense. Kwolok regains control of his mind, but is badly hurt from the battle. He crushes the Foul Presence and has one last conversation with Ori. He then dies, and disappears in a flash of light. The Strength of the Forest appears as he dies, and then merges with the other Wisps.

Normally, Luma Pools is only accessible after Ori obtains Kuro's Feather. However, It should be noted that by triple jumping off of the highest point near the entrance, using Spirit Smash for extra air and wall jumping through the spikes can allow Ori to access this area immediately after clearing the Wellspring. This can allow Ori to get the Swim Dash ability before going to the Silent Woods and see Kwolok even after his death.

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  • Early internal references to the Luma Pools refer to it as lagoon.
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