There are a number of locations in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Niwen is the fantasy land where most of Ori and the Will of the Wisps takes place. It is divided into a number of areas, including Inkwater Marsh (and Howl's Den), Kwolok's Hollow, Silent Woods, Luma Pools, Windswept Wastes, Wellspring Glades, The Wellspring, Mouldwood Depths, Baur's Reach, Willow's End, and Midnight Burrows.

Inkwater Marsh Edit

  • Ability unlocks: Glide, Spirit Edge, Double Jump, Spirit Arc, Ancestral Light
  • Spirit Shards: Magnet, Sticky, Reckless, Resilience, Regenerate, Life Pact
  • Subareas: Howl's Den

Kwolok's Hollow Edit

  • Ability unlocks: Dash, Bash
  • Spirit Shards: Quickshot, Splinter

Wellspring Glades Edit

  • Ability unlocks: Spirit Star, Sentry, Blaze, Spirit Smash, Spike, Water Breath
  • Spirit Shards: Bounty, Arcing, Energy, Vitality, Wingclip, Finesse, Light Harvest, Overcharge, Swap, Secrets

The Wellspring Edit

  • Ability unlocks: Grapple
  • Spirit Shards: Life Harvest, Thorn, Ultra Grapple

Windswept Wastes Edit

  • Ability unlocks: Burrow
  • Spirit Shards: Last Stand, Turmoil

Luma Pools Edit

  • Ability unlocks: Swim Dash
  • Spirit Shards: Energy Harvest, Ultra Bash

Midnight Burrows Edit

  • Ability unlocks: None
  • Spirit Shards: Deflector

Baur's Reach Edit

  • Ability unlocks: Light Burst
  • Spirit Shards: Lifeforce, Fracture, Catalyst

Mouldwood Depths Edit

  • Ability unlocks: Flash
  • Spirit Shards: Spirit Surge

Silent Woods Edit

  • Ability unlocks: Launch
  • Spirit Shards: Overflow
  • Subareas: The Feeding Grounds, Weeping Ridge

Windtorn Ruins Edit

  • Ability unlocks: None
  • Spirit shards: None

Willow's End Edit

  • Ability Unlocks: None
  • Spirit Shards: None
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