"Here we are in the domain of the great Kwolok, Guardian of the Marsh!"

Lupo, Upon interaction in Kwolok's Hollow

Kwolok's Hollow is a location found in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. It connects to Inkwater Marsh in the west, Wellspring Glades to the east, and Mouldwood Depths to the south. It is the home of Kwolok. Kwolok's Hollow is found to the left of Inkwater Marsh past the Kwolok Statue.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps[edit | edit source]

After the Decay in Niwen, Kwolok came to protect the Marsh, thus earning him the title of "Guardian of the Marsh". As a result, Kwolok's Marsh was not as heavily impacted by the Decay as other places, but changes were still made. There were more brambles and enemies, but the water remained clean.

Ori goes there to search for Kwolok to find where Ku had landed after hearing of Kwolok from a Moki. Upon finding him, Kwolok informs Ori that Ku has landed in the Silent Woods, and that it is inaccessible due to the toxic water. Kwolok then gives the Voice of the forest to Ori as a guide to the forest and tasks Ori to cleanse the Wellspring.

After Ku is crushed and injured by Shriek in the Silent woods, she is brought to Kwolok's Hollow and wrapped in a leaf. The Voice of the forest tries to heal her but is unsuccessful. Kwolok then explains that the Voice of the forest is too weak in its shattered state to heal Ku and that if it does not unite with the other wisps then the wisps would fade away, and Decay would take over Niwen. Kwolok then tasks Ori with finding the Wisps, then tells Ori that he will join the search and sinks into the water.

After Kwolok's demise and Ku's injury, Kwolok's Hollow has a darker atmosphere, signifying the state of mourning for Kwolok.

Prior to the fight with Shriek, Gumo and Naru discover Ku and they mourn for her. Ori then embraces Seir and Ku is healed, awakening with Ori's transformiation into Niwen's new Spirit tree.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

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