Kwolok, also referred to as the Guardian of the Marsh, was a giant toad who appeared in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. A very wise being, possessing knowledge of sprits, in his lifetime Kwolok acted as a guardian and overseer for the Moki when the latter creature's were driven out of their former home in the Silent Woods by Shriek, protecting them and the land from both Shriek and the Decay to the best of his ability, following the death of the Spirit Willow. He would later act as an ally of the Spirit Guardian Ori upon their arrival in the Forest of Niwen, aiding them in reuniting the Wisps to restore Niwen.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Ori and the Will of the Wisps[edit | edit source]

At some point prior to events of the game, Kwolok became the guardian of the Moki, providing protection for them after they were forced to abandon their former home in the Silent Woods, after the Decay and Shriek laying claim to the area. He would hold back the Decay over Niwen to the best of his ability and defend the Moki, although he was not capable of holding back the corruption completely.

In-Game Events[edit | edit source]

Meeting Ori[edit | edit source]

Sometime after the arrival of Ori in Niwen, the Moki inform him of the spirit guardian's presence, as well as their quest to find their friend, the young owlet, Ku. Expressing surprise upon meeting Ori himself, Kwolok spoke to the spirit, informing him that Ku had fallen far to the east, in the Silent Woods, a place now devoid of Owls.

Kwolok explained to Ori that a nearby waterway once led to the woods, however the waters had "grown foul and impassable". He charged Ori with venturing west, to the Wellspring, in order to set its wheels in motion and allow the waters to flow once again, and gifted them with the Voice of the Forest in the hopes it would guide Ori through Niwen.

After Ori successfully restored the flow of water at the Wellspring, cleansing the corrupted water, Kwolok expressed his grattitude to the spirit, and informed them that the way eastward to the Silent Woods was now open. Though he would also warn them to be wary, as Shriek resided there, and prayed that Ori would find Ku before she did.

Aiding Ori[edit | edit source]

After Ori and Ku's encounter with Shriek left the young owlet at death's door, Kwolok spoke to Ori and told them of how Niwen fell into Decay following the end of the Spirit Willow, of how the great tree's light was fragmented and scattered across the land as little more than wisps. He warned them that, if left as they are, their light would eventually fade forever.

Thanks to the Moki however, Kwolok learned the location of the Wisps, telling Ori of their locations. The Forest's Memory, bound by frost in the North, its Eye's lost in darkness to the South, its Strength drowned in waters to the west, its Heart, buried in the shifting sands of the East, and finally its Voice which already journied with Ori. Telling Ori that if brought together, the Wisps can undo the damage wrought upon Niwen, he pledges his and the Moki's aid in the search for the Wisps, before leaving his hollow.

Death[edit | edit source]

After leaving his hollow, Kwolok ventured west, to the Luma Pools, seeking the Strength of the Forest. Encountering Ori in his search, he tells them that the Forest's Strength is near, though that there was also a "familiar stench" as well. Stating time to be of the essence, he ventured further into the pools, and that they would speak again upon finding the wisp.

Kwolok was later found by Ori, corrupted by the Foul Presence that had previously disabled the Wellspring. Controlled like a puppet by the dark force, he swallowed the Forest's Strength and chased down Ori, eventually cornerning them further into the Luma Pools and doing battle with the spirit guardian. However, Ori ultimately bested Kwolok and the Foul Presence, and the toad guardian managed to regain control over himself, and crushed the vile creature beneath his foot, ending its threat for good. Unfortunately, his battle with Ori resulted in him sustaining lethal injuries, and in his final moments, Kwolok beeseches Ori to find and reunite the wisps, and watch over the Moki and the land of Niwen in his stead. At Ori's touch, he dissipated into light, releasing the Forest's Strength, allowing it to rejoin with the other wisps.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Given his significance in Niwen, Kwolok's passing was mourned by many of the residents of the Wellspring Glades. Grom remarked that things feel lonelier now, though he resolves to do his best to carry on Kwolok's work.

An alter was erected in his honour, within his hollow in Inkwater Marsh.

Attacks and Abilities[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of all attacks and abilities that Kwolok displays during his boss battle;

Phase #1:[edit | edit source]

  • Tongue Whip: Kwolok lifts his head backwards and his lower jaw briefly swells up, before he opens his mouth and rapidly lashes his tongue out towards Ori's current position.
  • Slap: Kwolok will lash out with his webbed foot if Ori gets too close.
  • Spit: Kwolok will move towards one side of the arena and lower himself to the floor, before launching one or more projetiles at Ori that fly in parabolic arcs.
    • These balls can be deflected back at Kwolok to deal damage using the Bash ability.
  • Body Slam / Fire Wave: The Foul Presence will quickly hoist Kwolok upward before slamming him back down above Ori's current position, releasing two waves of fire that travel in horizontally in both directions from where he hits the ground, stopping when they make contact with a wall or the edge of a ledge.
    • This ability is only used in the first phase of Kwolok's boss fight.
    • If this attack is performed near the centre of the arena, instead of releasing two waves of fire, instead of the ground will shatter, and a spike infested pit will be revealed.
  • Rockfall: Kwolok will slam the roof of arena, causing boulders to rain down from above in random places. The places where the boulders will fall is telegraphed first by a small pile of rocks descending from above.

Phase #2:[edit | edit source]

Upon reaching approximately 50% health, Kwolok / the Foul Presence will slam the roof of the arena, flooding it with water. This marks the beginning of the second phase of the fight, at which point Kwolok gains the following abilities;

  • Deep Breath: Kwolok will move to one side of the arena and dive underneath, opening his mouth wide and begins rapidly sucking water inwards, in an attempt to swallow Ori. This ability lasts roughly 5 seconds, and covers the span of the entire arena.
    • This ability can be sometimes be cancelled by dashing out of the water as Kwolok dives beneath the surface.
  • Toxic Cloud: Kwolok will launch a toxic cloud from his mouth.
    • If these clouds are launched into the water, they will leave a long, damaging purple trail behind them
  • Homing Missile: Kwolok will spit a projectile into the water which home in on and follow Ori.
    • These missiles, much like Kwolok's standard spit attack, can be deflected back at him to deal damage using Bash.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

First encounter Harrunk! A spirit in my Marsh? So the Moki were right. I wanted to believe...but it has been so long. I am Kwolok and you are welcome in my marsh, little one. The Moki tell me you seek your friend, an owlet. She fell far to the east. The Silent Woods hold her now. Where the owls are no more. Once the waterways behind led me there, but the waters have grown foul and impassable. There is one way, however. The Wellspring to the west, a great watermill, sits silent. Were you to set it's wheels in motion, the waters would flow clear once more. I would accompany you, but the Moki need me. I can give you something else, however. A fragment of the ancient light that once brightened these wilds. May it's voice be your guide through this perilous land.
After clearing Wellspirng Welcome back, little one. The Moki tell me you have taught the clear waters to flow once more. The stench that once hung over the Wellspring is gone. Our Marsh is in you debt. The way east to the Silent Woods is now open, but beware. The one the Moki call Shriek lives there. Her heart is stone, her cry is pain. I pray you find your friend...before she does.
After Ku's injury I am saddened for our friend. The Voice of the forest has done what it can, but its light is weak. Too many of us have suffered in these dark times. The smallest among us the most. With the Willow's End, the light shattered. The spirits perished, and our land fell to decay. The fragments of light were scattered, weakened... barely wisps. Left as they are, their light will fade forever. It is only a matter of time. But with the Moki's help, I have located where they fell. The forest's memory, bound by frost in the north. Its eyes, lost in darkness to the south. Its strength, drowned in waters to the west. Its heart, buried beneath the shifting sands to the east. And it's voice, who journeys with you. alone, they are weak. But brought together...if anything can undo the damage that has been done, it is the Will of the Wisps. No longer can I remain hidden in my hollow. I too will join the search. Farewell, little one. The Moki and I will help you where we can!

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement gaurdiansrest.png

Guardian's Rest

Fend of Kwolok

Achievement timelydemise.png

Timely Demise

Defeat Kwolok in Under 2 Minutes

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the early story drafts of Will of the Wisps, Kwolok was already heavily corrupted and was clinging to his bits of sanity by the time Ori first met him. He would provide Ori guidance before succumbing to his madness.[1]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. The Art of Ori and the Will of the Wisps, page 140
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