"It's clear now why she hunts us, Kuro is just protecting her last child!"

- Sein to Ori after escaping Kuro.

Kuro's Egg, also known as Ku, is the unborn child of Kuro, and her only remaining offspring.


Kuro's Egg has the familiar appearance of a normal bird's egg, being ovular in shape but uncommonly huge in size. In fact, it is bigger than most of the characters in the game, save Kuro herself. The cream-colored shell of Kuro's Egg is speckled with dots.


Warning! Spoilers ahead.

After Ori flees from the Forlorn Ruins, they eventually find themselves at Kuro's Nest, where they discover her egg. In a short cutscene, Kuro's actions in Ori and the Blind Forest are explained, proving she was only trying to protect her unborn owlet from the fate its siblings endured.

For most of the time afterwards the egg remains absent, until the ending sequence when Kuro realizes the damage she caused may result in her egg being burned alive in the fire. The flames of the burning forest are spreading and creeping quickly toward Kuro's Egg, when its mother makes the decision to revive the smoldering Spirit Tree.

Once light has been restored to Nibel, Kuro's Egg is seen one last time. Naru enters the cave she and Ori once shared, and the camera pans to reveal the egg nestled cozily within. Naru smiles as a small crack develops on the shell, just before the game ends. The Owlet that would supposedly be in the egg is the Owl present in images of Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

When Ku (Kuro's child) was born, Naru, Gumo and Ori came to see it. For the long time they were living together in Swallow's Nest, but one day (for the unknown reasons) Ori and Little Owl decided to fly to the world of the Will of the Wisps.



Kuro's Egg
Three Unnamed Owlets*

* Deceased.


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