Kii is a mysterious old monkey of the species Siira, who is first encountered in the Silent Woods. He warns the player about Shriek.

Description[edit | edit source]

Kii is grey with a white beard, wears a stone mask that shows his white eyes, and sits hunched over. He has a black tail similar to Opher's in shape.

History[edit | edit source]

Kii once ran a garden in Silent Woods, keeping countless trees under the bright moons. After the decay arrived, the garden withered away. Ori finds Kii standing next to his last tree, which he calls his last daughter, where he blames the Guardian Spirits for causing the tragedy. Kii asks Ori to find a gardener, which maybe could help restore the last tree, and gives them a Lifeless Branch. Tuley informs Ori that there's nothing he can do to save the dying tree the branch comes from. Moreover, the branch could cause other plants around to wither as well.

After bringing bad news to Kii, he gives Ori the Last Seed. Ori can bring it to Tuley, who plants the seed, thus getting access to Ancestral Light. Tuley comments on it, saying that the seed is from an ancient tree, long before other inhabitants came to the forest. Once it is planted, the tree will stand long after. After planting the seed, Kii comes to the Wellspring Glades and can be found next to his tree. He says that the last seed may be the first tree.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Kii map icon.png
First encounter Ah! Light-bearer! Your kind is not welcome here, in my garden. When the trees needed you the most, yes you were gone. Now look, look! My garden is all but dead, see? Cold stone, bitter rock. Only one tree lingers. Ah! Even she is not whole! Leave this dying place, yes, as your kind did before. Unless you can bring my last daughter's healing. Bear her poisoned limb, light-bearer. Find a healer of nature. right what you kind has wronged.
Second encounter Listen! Can you hear my last, yes, last tree sigh in the wind? Without a healer, ah! I fear her voice will soon be lost. Please go. Let me mourn, yes, my garden in peace.
In Silent Woods You shine bright, spirit. You disturb the silence. Folly. She hears, she sees. And you, yes, you are easily seen. We obey the silence. Those who do not, ah! They never leave.
Warning Turn back, spirit. While you still can.
In Wellspring Glades
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