"Keep your eyes sharp. The wind isn't the only thing that howls in this swamp."

Tokk, about Howl

Howl, also known as the Howler by the Moki or the Night Crawler, is an enemy character in Ori and the Will of the Wisps and the first boss Ori encounters. He is a huge, ferocious wolf-like creature that prowls in the night around Niwen and resides in Howl's Den, a sub-area in Inkwater Marsh. Howl dislikes fire and light, but he is feared by the Moki.

Description [edit | edit source]

Howl is a blue wolf-like creature, with front paws alike to those of a human's or a eagle's, with four "fingers" or "claws" on each one. His mane and tail are a darker blue than then the rest of his body, and parts of his body, including his eyes, glow light blue. A cloud-like mass of darkness trails after him.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps[edit | edit source]

Howl forms part of the tutorial section of the game. Howl can be spotted in the background as Ori approaches the Spirit Gate after finishing the quest with Tokk. Further on, Howl pounces through the screen, roaring, chasing after Ori and eventually cornering them. After a short struggle, Howl is burned by Ori's torch and is driven away. Howl loses a fang in the battle, which can be found right of the site Ori battled Howl.

During Ori and Ku's trek through the Silent Woods, Howl can be heard howling nearby and Shriek goes to investigate it. The two later come across Howl's petrified corpse, signifying the dangers of Shriek and her role in enforcing silence in her domain. His corpse will crumble when Ori uses certain abilities against it.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible that "Howl" is the name of the species of the boss, while "The Howler" is the name of the boss itself, as no Moki refers to the boss as Howl, only "The Howler", while items from the boss like Howl Fang are referred to as "Howl".
  • In an early story draft, there was a cinematic showing Shriek turn Howl to stone. However, this aspect of Shriek’s character became less important over time, to the point that Moon Studios felt it was better to leave it up to the player’s imagination. Because of this, Howl may have been turned to stone by Shriek or simply met his fate in the tarpits of the Silent Woods.[1]

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