Health is the amount of damage Ori can take before they die. Different hazards deal different amount of damage to Ori, and when the count reaches zero, Ori dies and respawns at the last soul link. If it is one life mode, the game is over and Ori must start again.

Health is displayed by the green orbs with white tree icons on the bottom-right of the screen, next to the icon showing the amount of spirit light.

When Ori takes damage, a number of heath orbs will darken according to the amount of damage taken.When all health icons have darkened, Ori turns into little fragments of light and disappears and the screen turns black.

Health cannot restore over time, but when damaged, Life Cell Fragments can be picked up to restore one life cell. If Ori's health is at max while picking up life cell fragments, it will not increase the player's health. However, max health can be increased by finding Life cells, which can be seen on the map if Ori has unlocked the life marker on the ability tree. Life Cells resemble bigger versions of life cell fragments, and are always on top of a antler-like branch.

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