"Now that I'm building again, I can call myself a true Gorlek once more! "

—Grom, when building projects

Grom is a Gorlek builder. He can be found in Wellspring Glades, and builds things for Ori using Gorlek Ore.

Description [edit | edit source]

Grom looks similar to a gorilla or a lion, with a mane of white hair around his head four arms and a black body with a muscular build. He has three eyes and a white beard. He wields a pickaxe in one hand, a hammer in another and a lantern.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Grom is shown to care greatly for the Moki and other creatures, including Ori and Ku.

Grom's Handiwork[edit | edit source]

When talking to Grom, Ori can trade him Gorlek Ore to fix problems around the Wellspring Glades.

Upgrade Description Cost
Repair the Spirit Well The say the spirits of old could warp from one well to another. But perhaps if we enhanced this well with Gorlek Ore, you could traverse Niwen even quicker. 1
Dwelling Repairs It's a shame how these old Moki dwellings are in shambles. Maybe if we fixed them up the Moki could move back to the Glades? 4
Thorny Situation Those spikey vines all over the place are quite the nuisance, let me tell you. With some help, I could clear them out and make the Glades safer for everyone! 5
Roofs Over Heads Time to build some more housing! Now on the big tree, by the fire. 6
Clear the Cave Entrance That old cave entrance looks like it's about to collapse...but we Gorlek learned a thing or two about tunneling after fleeing to the mines. With some Ore, I can repair it. 6
Onwards and Upwards Treehouses seem to be popular with the Moki. How about we add a couple more? 8
The Gorlek Touch The Moki are right...building is only half the work. Nothing's quite complete without some finishing touches of decoration. 10

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Grom sings to himself when he thinks no one is looking, according to Motay.
  • A small number of game assets use the name "grol" when referring to him. For a very brief time, Grom might have potentially been named Grol, however it is far more likely that this was a result of a typo on the associated asset names; the number of files using "grom" vastly outnumbers those using "grol".
First meeting I didn't hope dare the rumors were true, but here you are. Niwen is home to a spirit once more. You made quick work of the wall, there. Guess my building skills aren't what they used to be. Still, I made a promise I would provide refuge from the Decay here. These Glades are counting on me, spirit. But without ore, I fear I will let them all down. The materials I need were all abandoned when my kind fled to the mines. And without the proper supplies, well, my dream of a haven might end before it has even begun.
After first meeting Before our home was swallowed, spirits saw potential in Gorlek Ore. They disappeared before they could try what we built them. But now you're back, and that can change.
Second meeting I can hardly believe it. I haven't laid eyes upon real Gorlek Ore since we left out homeland. Thank you, spirit. To build again with such materials...well, I can call myself a true Gorlek once more. I'll keep my promise. The Glades will be a haven for all, far from the Decay and the shadow in they sky.
After Wellspring escape They say you've made it all the way to paradise! It used to have fewer thorns, sure, but Luma Pools survived the worst of the Decay. What I wouldn't do for a visit! But there's work to do. A builder never rests, eh?
After Ku's injury Lo, Spirit. I heard about your friend. I’m... sorry. So many things falling apart these days. I hope she will recover soon, once the shattered light is whole.
After going to Windswept Wastes The Moki say you've been to my homeland, or what's left of it. The Windswept Wastes, they call it, eh? I supposed they've forgotten its true name, if they ever knew it in the first place. Gerora, it was called. A wonderous city of proud stone and painted glass, colossal arches and lofty spires. It deserves to be remembered.
After helping with first project I'll get right on that! Now that I'm building again, I can call myself a true Gorlek once more! Few true Gorlek are left, so be wary if you see anyone that looks like me. Not all of us escaped the corruption in time.
After helping with second project The Moki homes are complete! And they won't be needing repairs anytime soon, now that they're Gorlek made.
After helping with third project No more thorns! These Glades are getting nicer every day.
After helping with fourth project More houses means more Moki. Can't have Kwolok doing all the work, eh?
Greeting With some Gorlek Ore, I could make these Glades a heaven.
Greeting Care to help with another project?
Leaving Better take your time then regret a hasty decision, eh?
Leaving Fantastic, I'll get right on that.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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