Grom, a Gorlek builder.

Gorleks are an intelligent species that inhabit Niwen. They appear similar to apes or lions, with four arms, two legs and a mane of fur around their head.


Gorleks used to dwell in what is now Windswept Wastes. They are renowned as great craftspeople, and are able to create things using Gorlek Ore. Gorleks were once widespread, but were driven into the Gorlek Mines by the Decay. According to Grom, few true Gorleks are left, and those that are hostile have been corrupted.

Notable GorleksEdit

  • Grom - a builder who lives in the village in Wellspring Glades.
  • Gorlek Miner - a Gorlek in Windswept Wastes asking for water (forms a part of the Hand to Hand quest)
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