"But be still, can you hear that? They must have followed you here!"

Sein to Ori, right before a group of Stompers attack

The Enemies of Nibel are creatures of the forest which can harm and kill Ori through different methods of attack. Bash can be preformed on some enemies.

In brackets: name of creatures in the system files of the game.

Types of Enemies[edit | edit source]

Name Image Areas found Description
Stomper JumpingSootEnemyPlaceholder.png Sunken Glades, Spirit Caverns An amphibious creature which launches itself up, then comes crushing down. Their attack is similar to Stomp, and can destroy breakable ground.
Diving Raven DashOwlEnemyPlaceholder.png Valley of the Wind, Sorrow Pass, Misty Woods A birdlike creature with four eyes which resembles Kuro. They hover in the air idly until Ori comes within range, then they quickly bolt towards them.
Slime Slime 1.png Sunken Glades, Spirit Caverns An oozing blob of purple, glowing material. When approached, they fire several small projectiles into the air that causes damage to Ori and create hazardous globs when they hit the terrain which can be destroyed with Stomp or Charge Flame, or disappear after several seconds. They have differently colored variants depending on where they are.
Spine Slime SpikeSlugEnemyPlaceholder.png Sunken Glades, Spirit Caverns Small, dark slimes with the characteristic spines. When Ori is near a Spine Slime, it will spit out three small droplets that can cause damage on contact, but fall in a predictable pattern and are easy to avoid.
Volatile Slime DropSlugEnemyPlaceholder.png Spirit Caverns, Sorrow Pass A small dark purple slime that sits attached to a ceiling and drops down when Ori stands under it, exploding and dealing massive damage. Bash can be used to redirect them and can be used to detonate barriers.
Ice Slime Ice Slime.png Forlorn Ruins A slime with an icy blue appearance. They fire icy projectiles which function similarly to the Spine Slime's. Ice Slimes are chiefly found in the Forlorn Ruins, or around its entrance.
Fire Slime Fire Slime.png Mount Horu, Hollow Grove A slime resembling a glob of lava. They fire magma projectiles which funtion similarly to the Spine Slime's. Fire Slimes are chiefly found within Mount Horu, or in its entrance's vicinity.
Slime Colony Splitting slime.png Thornfelt Swamp A large purple slime that splits into two smaller slimes upon death, each of which likewise splits into two even smaller slimes, which once again split into two tiny slimes. Split Flame and Ultra Split Flame abilities are very effective against them.
Spitter SpitterEnemyPlaceholder.png Hollow Grove, Sorrow Pass, Misty Woods A toad-like creature that spits large red projectiles called 'Fire Flowers' at Ori. Both the Spitter and the Fire Flowers are bashable, and can be redirected. They die instantly in water.
Kamikaze Spitter GreenFrog.png Misty Woods, Sorrow Pass A more powerful variant of the Spitter. They fire more quickly, and their shots have a longer range and higher damage. Both the Green Spitter and its projectiles are bashable, and can be redirected.
Spider Spider.png Spider Coves, Moon Grotto They sit attached to a ceiling by a line of silk and shoot one or three purple projectiles at Ori when in range.
Rammer Beetle RammingEnemyPlaceholder.png Misty Woods, Sunken Glades, Thornfelt Swamp Resembling an armored rhino, Rammers charge rapidly towards Ori when approached. Their armor protects them from damage, but it can be removed by Charge Flame or Stomp.
Kamikaze Beetle Green beetle.png Misty Woods When Ori is in range, they will roll up into a ball, then try to ram into Ori. They explode when they hit Ori, an enemy, or a wall; the explosion causes massive damage and can destroy certain walls. Bash can be used to redirect them. Most Kamikazes will respawn shortly after exploding. They can also destroy (Red) Flame (Laser) Shooters when they are redirected with Bash.
Piranha Pirahnna.jpg Hollow Grove, Thornfelt Swamp, Valley of the Wind Found in water, fish charge at Ori when approached. Unlike Flyers and Rammers, Ori cannot dodge their assault and needs to kill them quickly, escape the water or use Bash timely to push them off. If Bashed out of water, they will flop about helplessly, sliding along any slopes. They will still damage Ori even in this helpless state.
Mortar Worm MortarWormEnemyPlaceholder.png Thornfelt Swamp, Misty Woods a serpentine creature who lives in holes in the ground. They will stay inside these holes until Ori comes near, and then they will pop out. If Ori comes close to a Mortar, it will go back into its hole; otherwise it will spit a projectile from its mouth in attempt to hurt Ori. Mortars' shots are highly accurate, and can often be Bashed to allow Ori to reach high places, as they are nearly always placed for movement or puzzle purposes.
Sentry Stone
Mount Horu, Hollow Grove a glowing entity surrounded by floating rocks. They shoot powerful projectiles which fly in a straight line toward Ori. The only ways to destroy a Flame Shooter are: redirecting its projectile back at it using Bash, using Charge Jump, using Stomp on it or make Kamikaze Beetle destroy it. Their attack speed varies a lot, and coming close to them might make them stop firing.
Guardian Stone Insta-death.png Mount Horu similar to the Flame Shooter, except they alternate between a laser attack and a flame projectile. The laser follows Ori for a short time, instantly killing any enemy it hits, and heavily damaging Ori. Like the Flame Shooter, they can only be destroyed by a redirected projectile or when Charge Jump or Stomp is used on them.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible that these enemies were born from the imbalance brought about by the Spirit Tree's blindness.

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