The Decay is a dangerous force known throughout Niwen and Nibel. It spreads throughout those lands which are unprotected by a Spirit Tree, known ones including the Spirit Tree of Nibel and the Spirit Willow.

The Decay spreads as soon as the light of a Spirit Tree fades, indicating the decay is always present, waiting for its chance to consume and corrupt. It is similar to a plague, infecting lightless beings in the vicinity of decayed areas. It saps their life and energy, leaving them to become skeletons or stone statues, this effect being mostly visible in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Any essence of Decay, such as a tree branch from the Silent Woods, can infect others and cause its surroundings to wither and die.

It is capable of corrupting beings into perversions of themselves as with Shriek, either permanently mutating them or turning them mad with rage as with Mora.

Effects on Nibel Edit

The balance of Nibel's three elements is destroyed after Kuro removes Sein from the Spirit Tree.

With the decay now nesting in the remains of the element's origins, Ori has to free all elements of Nibel to restore their balance, so the light may keep them in control after. In the beginning of Ori and the Blind Forest , the decay can be seen causing massive crop failure, demonstrated by the fruit trees that nourished Ori and Naru no longer growing viable fruit.

Effects on NiwenEdit

The Decay initially spreads through Niwen after Seir shattered, consuming almost all of Niwen.

The Silent Woods serve as the most decayed area of Niwen and display the most deadly effect the Decay has on the ancient forest, other areas within Niwen has displayed different ways the Decay affects the Forest.

  • Mouldwood Depths - Because of the Decay, the darkness within the spider den has become lethal to anyone unfortunate enough to be engulfed in it.
  • Baur's Reach - After the Decay arrived, an endless winter replaced spring.
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