EtiTheSpirit EtiTheSpirit 15 March

Wiki Upgrades

A number of you may know me from my time editing or managing several other wikis, more of you probably know me as that one mod in the Discord Server, but no matter -- the important thing is that I've been running and contributing to Wikis for a very long time. Just recently, I have given some love to this wiki. As such, I've made a number of edits to the wiki that are important to note:

  • Template:MessageBox has been added (along with Module:Mbox). This can be used to create quick notices on pages.
    • Plain-text warnings for spoilers are now OBSOLETE! As a replacement, a new

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Aura24 Aura24 7 April 2020

Will of the Wisps Concept Art on ArtStation

Just wanted to share around that concept art, character models, and scenery artwork from Ori and the Will of the Wisps are being uploaded on ArtStation. Official names for enemies, characters and bosses can be found on the image filenames too.

Here are multiple I've pulled from the search results, you all find the rest in the link below.

  • Bosses Concept Art
  • NPCs character art 1, 2, 3
  • Braur's Reach art
  • Braur's Reach art (2)
  • Level Design
  • Insect Enemies
  • Mouldwood Depths Concept Art
  • Spirit Willow and Willow's End Concept Art
  • Mines Concept Art
  • Luma Pools Concept Art 1 and 2
  • Luma Pools Art (2)
  • Silent Woods Concept Art
  • Underwater and Sand Type enemy art
  • Enemies - creatures …
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Kolabashka Kolabashka 12 October 2019

How it breakes???

Well....I went in Sorrow Pass and see that.How it  breaks? (sorry about mistake in word,because I`m  Russian)

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Plume de Paon Plume de Paon 26 February 2018

My remixes!

Hi Nibellians!

Yesterday, I made three remixes of the OST of the game. Listen them and tell me if you like!

~ Plume de Paon ~

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OriFanatic88 OriFanatic88 22 September 2015

The Spirit Tree NOT all-powerful?

So I take it that the Spirit Tree is NOT really omnipotent, omniscient, AND omnipresent especially when the Tree accidentally killed the owlets, Kuro's hatchlings/children while he was calling out to and looking as well as searching for Ori after he lost him in AND during the Great Storm?

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OriFanatic88 OriFanatic88 22 September 2015

Ori male or female?

Do you considered Ori to be a male or a female? As for me I have considered Ori to be a male for awhile now particularly after going through AND from a few sources including Wikipedia as well as the Xbox Live store.

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Conflicted Bagel Conflicted Bagel 16 April 2015

New stuff plz?

I just joined this wiki and I'm really interested in this game.

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