"We're entering the domain of the great Baur. He sleeps ahead, weary from the long winter of the Decay. But the Memory of the Forest remembers the spring. Maybe we can remind Baur, too. If we can wake him."

the Voice of the Forest to Ori in Baur's Reach

Description[edit | edit source]

Baur is depicted as a giant bear with brown fur covered in ice and snow. His eyes are glowing white.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps[edit | edit source]

When Ori attempts to obtain the Memory of the Forest, they find Baur in a deep slumber blocking the entrance to Baur's Reach. Using Kuro's Feather, Ori manages to wake the giant bear granting Ori access to the Reach. Baur tells Ori that he had dreamt of their arrival but that they are too late to do anything as the Decay had plunged the Reach into a perpetual winter burying the spring blossoms containing the Memory of the Forest at the mountain's peak. He then returns to sleep.

After obtaining the Memory of the Forest, Ori narrowly escapes the wrath of Shriek but ends up becoming buried in the snow of an oncoming avalanche. Waking alongside the Memory of the Forest, Baur manages to rescue Ori from the snow and thanks them for restoring spring to the Reach.

Baur also proceeds to inform Ori that Shriek would not welcome the changing climate of the Reach and also tells Ori the story of Shriek's tragic beginnings derived from his time spent dreaming. Baur is uncertain whether or not Shriek would escape the darkness of her earlier days but was optimistic that Ori's coming would bring about a new summer in Niwen.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Baur appears to have the ability to perceive events throughout time while dreaming, such as Ori's arrival in the Reach, Shriek's past, and Ori's future. Owing to his gigantic size, it is also evident that Baur possesses immense physical strength causing Ori to fly backward after sneezing due to Ori waking him with Kuro's Feather and being able to dig through snow caused by an avalanche to find Ori.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I dreamt of your arrival, spirit. But you are too late. And this land is too hard, too cold. The spring blossoms sleep under the ice, high upon the mountain peak. There is nothing to do... but sleep."
  • "Open your eyes, little spirit. You are safe now."
  • "You have awoken the forest's Memory, and me with it. I almost didn't find you in all that snow."
  • "Now spring will return to the Reach... though some might not welcome it. The creature Shriek is one. I saw her as I slept and dreamt dark dreams."
  • "She was born from dust, rising as the world fell beneath the ashes. To ash and dust, she returned. She...is lost. A pitiful creature. Her heart is stone. Gone too is the summer of the past, never to return. But thanks to you, spirit, a new summer will rise to take its place. So have I dreamt."
  • "I have dreamt of Shriek, the stone-wing, as I slept. The winter of the Decay was long and cold. But the memory of warmth sustained me. Can a creature who has never known the light truly escape the darkness? Perhaps. Or perhaps she will try to pull us all down into darkness with her."

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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