Ancestral Tree

An Ancestral Tree

The Ancestral Trees are mysterious glowing plants that contain the light of Spirit Guardians who fled Kuro's attack on the Spirit Tree, perishing after the Spirit Tree lost his light.

Through the discovery of these Ancestral Trees, and with the guidance of Sein, Ori is able to learn new skills by absorbing the light. The Ancestral Trees are a necessary step to progress further.


Fil Edit

Fil's tree is the first Ori comes across in the Sunken Glades. When Ori first discovers it, the Spirit Tree comments on how Fil and others like him perished in the wake of Kuro's attack. Fil's tree passes on the Wall Jump ability.

Ano Edit

Ano's tree can be found in the depths of Hollow Grove. Strong and courageous, Ano gives Ori the ability to Charge Flame.

Leru Edit

Leru's tree is found in Gumo's Hideout. With the ability to cut through the air, her light allows Ori to learn Double Jump. Through further upgrades on the Ability Tree, Ori can turn this into a Triple Jump.

Reem Edit

Reem was an agile spirit, able to bash through the air. His ancestral tree is found inside the depths of the Ginso Tree and is vital in allowing Ori to escape once the Element of Waters is rekindled.

Ilo Edit

Ilo was the stoutest and most powerful of all the spirits, possessing the ability to Stomp. His ancestral tree is found in the Thornfelt Swamp.

Tatsu Edit

Tatsu's ability used to Climb is a trait she used to explore the mountains high atop Sorrow Pass. She later lost hope when her brother's torch faded and she fell to the mists of Misty Woods where her tree rests today.

Nir Edit

Nir was able to Charge Jump, allowing her to fly through the air. According to Sein, her world knew no bounds until the forest withered. Nir's Ancestral Tree is found in Sorrow Pass.

Eki Edit

A spirit who was once friends with Naru in her youth, Eki will grant the power to Dash along the ground. After the death of Naru's father forced her to leave, Eki attempted to find her but could not, eventually succumbing and turning into a Tree in the Black Root Burrows.

Sol Edit

Sol was able to use Light Burst to cast her light in the deepest darkness. She lived in the Lost Grove with Eki and Naru until she eventually turned into an Ancestral Tree.

Trivia Edit

  • Eki and Sol's trees are only found in the Definitive Edition of the game. The two Spirit Guardians that Naru plays with in her youth both use the abilities that they later give Ori, implying that they are Eki and Sol. With Ori and Fil, both of them are the only named Spirit Guardians that can be seen in game.
    • Both Eki's and Sol's names mean "sun," in Basque and Spanish respectively.
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