There are a number of achievements attainable in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Achievement Description
CompletionistCompletionist Completionist Complete every Side Quest
DestinyDestiny Destiny Complete the Game
Stone ColdStone Cold Stone Cold Defeat Shriek
Lost and FoundLost and Found Lost and Found Find all Collectibles
HealthyHealthy Healthy Max out Life
Fixer UpperFixer Upper Fixer Upper Complete all Wellspring Glades Projects
PowerfulPowerful Powerful Max out Energy
Laser BrainLaser Brain Laser Brain Defeat the Willow Stone
Mark of the TraderMark of the Trader Mark of the Trader Complete the Trade Sequence Quest
Quick SandQuick Sand Quick Sand Escape the Ruins
Icy EscapeIcy Escape Icy Escape Escape the Avalanche
Mad SkillsMad Skills Mad Skills Upgrade all Abilities
Guardian's RestGuardian's Rest Guardian's Rest Fend off Kwolok
Timely DemiseTimely Demise Timely Demise Defeat Kwolok in Under 2 Minutes
Fully SlottedFully Slotted Fully Slotted Upgrade all Shard Slots
Shrine BrightShrine Bright Shrine Bright Complete all Spirit Shrines
Bring it OnBring it On Bring it On Defeat 5 Enemies Without Touching the Ground
Dark TriumphDark Triumph Dark Triumph Fend off Mora
Juggling ActJuggling Act Juggling Act Juggle 3 or More Projectiles in the Air for Over 5 Seconds
Did I Do That?Did I Do That Did I Do That? Defeat 10 Enemies using Environmental Hazards
Let the Waters FlowLet the Waters Flow Let the Waters Flow Clear the Watermill
Home Sweet HomeHome Sweet Home Home Sweet Home Reach the Wellspring Glades
Take the Bug by the HornTake the Bug by the Horn Take the Bug by the Horn Defeat the Horn Beetle
Close CallClose Call Close Call Fend off Howl
Tools of the TradeTools of the Trade Tools of the Trade Unlock all Abilities
Cartographer's ProtégéCartographer's Protégé Cartographer's Protégé Buy all Maps from Lupo
Shard HunterShard Hunter Shard Hunter Unlock all Shards
Damage SpikeDamage Spike Damage Spike Defeat 3 Enemies with a Single Spike
Shard SpecialistShard Specialist Shard Specialist Upgrade all Shards
Speed DemonSpeed Demon Speed Demon Complete all Spirit Trials
Hardcore FanHardcore Fan Hardcore Fan Complete Hard Mode
High and DryHigh and Dry High and Dry Avoid Touching any Corrupted Water
UntouchableUntouchable Untouchable Defeat Mora Without Taking any Damage
Look at the TimeLook at the Time Look at the Time Complete the Game in Under 4 Hours
LightlessLightless Lightless Beat the Game Without Spending any Spirit Light
ShardlessShardless Shardless Beat the Game Without Equipping a Shard
ImmortalImmortal Immortal Complete the Game without Dying
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