Ori and the Blind Forest Wiki

Tap B to access the Ability Tree!

- Ori and the Blind Forest at a Soul Link

The Ability Tree is a collection of different knacks that Ori can buy with Ability Points. The available abilities can cost 1, 2, or even 3 Ability Points at a time, and failure to produce the proper payment will keep Ori from receiving that ability until they have the correct number of points. Abilities may also be unobtainable because Ori does not have the skill it enhances, or they have not bought the ability before it. If either of these are true, the text beneath the ability's description will be bright red, indicating Ori does not meet the requirements to have it. (In the Definitive Edition, Ori is no longer required to have a skill before purchasing an ability that enhances it, but the new ability will not take effect until the required skill is obtained.)

There are three branches of Ori's Ability Tree, each containing abilities which share a common theme:

Utility Abilities[]

This is the cyan top branch of the tree. These abilities aid in survival and defense.

Efficiency Abilities[]

This is the purple middle branch of the tree. These abilities make pickups more efficient, and provide conveniences for exploration.

Combat Abilities[]

This is the red/orange bottom branch of the tree. These abilities enhance Ori's offensive capabilities.

  • Quick Flame - Allows you to shoot three flames before recharging (1 AP)
  • Spark Flame - Increases the strength of the Spirit Flame (1 AP)
  • Charge Flame Burn - Improves the radius and damage of the Charge Flame (1 AP)
  • Split Flame - Allows the Spirit Flame to damage two targets at once (1 AP)
  • Ultra Bash - Increases damage and allows bashing through enemies (2 AP, removed in Definitive Edition)
  • Ultra Light Burst - Increases the strength and radius of Light Burst (2 AP, Definitive Edition only)
  • Cinder Flame - Further increases the strength of the Spirit Flame (2 AP)
  • Ultra Stomp - Increases radius and damage of Stomp (2 AP)
  • Rapid Flame - Allows the Spirit Flame to be fired more rapidly (2 AP)
  • Charge Flame Blast - Enhances the radius and attack damage of Charge Flame (3 AP)
  • Ultra Split Flame - Further increases the Spirit Flame damage and allows to hit four targets at once (3 AP)

It is recommended that you try to get Spirit Efficiency as soon as you can, as this will increase the amount of Spirit Light you obtain and help you earn Ability Points more quickly.